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IPv6 features


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As of feb, there will be global DNS IPv6 enabled at root-servers.

Please add option to:

* enable IPv6-only mode

* have both for trackers but only IPv6 for peers(and DHT)

* give IPv6 slots priority(as there would be no NAT, therefore more chance to get better connection)

* enable separable debugging for v4 and v6, peers, DHT and oth.

I imagine this as drop-down list in "Connection" tab:

Internet Protocol: Both/IPv4/IPv6/IPv4 Priority/IPv6 priority


Trackers: Both/IPv4/IPv6/IPv4 Priority/IPv6 priority

Peers: Both/IPv4/IPv6/IPv4 Priority/IPv6 priority



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... NAT is a generic description of a "firewall" in use on routers... Creating virtual networks upon a single endpoint to the internet. I am not knowledgable in IPv6 to debate the relative merits of the functionality you're asking for, but I do think trying to add more to a context menu would be overkill for 99.8% of the users at this juncture.

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