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Inconsequent behaviour 1.3 with a revenge


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Here's the bug in 3 easy steps

1- I have µtorrent downloading a torrent and minimized to the system tray.

2- I open another torrent (doubleclick) from my desktop

3- Instead of showing the window of the already running µtorrent, I see a second µT icon appear in the system tray and a second window opens which shows the already downloading torrent + the one I just opened, while the first µT window still only shows the one torrent that was already downloading.

As a result the 2 µT downloads time out eventually; and I have to close them and restart µT to get everything back to normal.

It never occurred with any previous version on my PC; I'm running XP and haven't changed/reinstalled anything since I started using µT 2 months ago.

Cheers, and keep up the good work guys ! ;)

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