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yet another "help uTorrent not working" thread


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Hi there:

I've been using uTorrent for quite awhile now and have never had any problems with it except for something that's my own fault.

Within the past 24hrs (didn't notice if problem happened much before that), when I goto share I get the "red arrows". In short cannot upload/download. I've not changed any settings, although my computer did apply a windows update today if I'm not mistaken it did this before the patch.

Using Zone Alarm (free) 7.0

Avast 4.7 Home Edition

Internet Provider: Aliant

I've been able to fix any problem I've come across in the past by reading the forums but haven't been able to figure this one out (which usually ends up being something incredibly simple) so this is my first post.

Sorry if posting in wrong area, any help or directions to where I can help myself would be greatly appreciated.


since posting I've been doing some more reading, checked out something to do with my tcpip. I'd used this before, read the recent windows patch might muck this up. Redid my changes to tcpip, now my upload/downloads are in the blue again. Don't know if this is what it was or just coincidence; but seems to be working so far. ;p


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