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Labels Bug: Certain characters cause faulty behavior


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Didn't know if I should make a new topic for this or post in the main topic for the beta2 release.... But here goes.

When using the WebUI, and create a label using the apostrophe ('), you will be unable apply this label to other torrents using the right click > label functionality.

For example: I can right click on a torrent, go to Labels > New Label... and create "Tom's stuff." However, if I right click on another torrent subsequently, and go to Labels > Tom's stuff, the torrent will not move, and Firefox cites the following error:

Warning: reference to undefined property args[0].className
Source File: http://xxxxxx/gui/script.js
Line: 8

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AFAIK ' is not a valid character in the UI, then again it might be since I frequently use "!" and "~" as placeholders on new test installs... The fact it can be applied here mucks with js, so.. yea it would make sense to make sure that string filters / error handlers are made in the event people try to add invalid characters :D

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