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Help Help Help What Have I Done Wrong???????


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I know nothing about computers can some one out there help me. I downloaded UTORRENT and the first 2 times it worked with no dramas but now it will not download. I'm using a HP laptop with VISTA.

ETA comes up as an 8 flipped on its side and the availability is completely red no matter what I try and download

Also in the tracker part it says TRACKER STATUS: an invalid argument was supplied and then flashs to: tracker sending invalid data <NULL>

Also when I try to download my screen flickers and then my icons double in size to giant and also the colour goes all strange when I get in to my control panel and go to Display settings I can fix it but it happens every time I use Utorrent.

can anyone tell me what I have done wrong and how I fix it. remember I am new to technology so I will not understand computer lingo so dumb it down for me if you wouldn't mind.

Cheers Monkeymagic

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... When you downloaded uTorrent, did you go through http://utorrent.com/setup_guide.php? You also may want to familiarize yourself with the rest of the literature on the Guides page.

If that tracker status message came up for one tracker, it means the tracker is... broken at the moment. You should go to their website and report it. uTorrent doesn't affect any of your display settings. What version are you using? (Alt-H-A to verify)

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