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Starting up torrents with 1 kb/s upload?


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Hi there!

I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to have the upload speed on all torrents I start up in µtorrent at 1 kb/s ?

I have limited my upload speed so that it wont effect my web browsing etc, but I always have 1-3 torrents that are uploading to gain seed ratio on a torrent site I am using.

But when I start up new torrents, I always have to reduce the upload speed on these ( since you cant choose 1-3 kb/s at one click, you have to do the same procedure about 4 times, each torrent) so they wont "leech" of the upload speed I want to use to my designated seeding torrents.

Any ideas to save my poor index finger from more senseless clicking ?

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i rather control all my torrents at once, rather than 1 by 1

when i want FULL speed, or something alike for specific torrents, i just STOP all the other ones, until i'm done.

under normal procedure, using a Linksys Router with factory firmware (it means it's a bad thing)

Connections limit is aprox 90~100 for the router, anything more than that the router will LOCK UP, and will require a button reset in the router box, even if it doesn't lock up webpages will go real slow, and even worse for secure web pages

Firefox is more susceptible to this than IE, since FireFox uses average 20 connections

So in utorrent i set Max Global to 70, giving me about 20+ free room to spare for regular web browsing and gaming.

then i set the rest for 10 (peer per torrent) and 10 (slots per torrent)

and then for Queueing 7 active torrent, and 5 download

meaning 70 / 7 = 10 so each torrent gets 10 peer/seed and 10 slots 1 for each of those peer/seed

and on the Queue side it means out of 7 working torrents 5 are for download, 2 are for upload

if you change the 5 to a 3 then you'll have 3 downloads (leeching) and 4 uploads (seeding)

guess that should answer most of your "newbie" questions ;)

** Edit **

by the way if you leave the above settings both Unlimited for download /upload speed, then the connection usually reaches 5Mbits download and 2.5 Mbits upload (and this is Mbits, not Mbytes)

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