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Problems suddenly occured - trackers offline, browser is slow...


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Ok, iv'e used utorrent for many many years, and never experienced anything like this. It's been like this for many days now. Everything is wrong. Suddenly one day:

1. Internet browser is slow while Utorrent is open

2. All trackers offline (red colour to the left) right now i'm downloading torrents from 5 different trackers, they are all offline, that's not right.

3. Tracker status : "An operation on a contact is not possible because the computer doesnt have enough buffer.....and so on" Something like that (i tried to translate this from norwegian to english)

4. When opening utorrent i have to wait 6 second before i see the window. This is not normal. It used to open at once.

Iv'e used utorrent preferences guides here on the site, so the settings i have chosen are normal i guess. I have also port forwarded ofcourse.

But please, i have no idea, tell me!


My internet speed: 16000/1000. Internet connection is working fine.

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My utoorent is experiencing the same problem. It works fine at first but after about 20 minutes starts showing tracker problems as offline(timed out) & so.

When I reboot my system the problem resolve but come back after some minutes.

I have reset my net.max_halfopen to default, but the problem survives.

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Ok, i ran the tcpip.sys patch, and it seems that the half open connection was set back to 10 without my knowledge. I had set the net.max_halfopen in the preferences---> advanced to *70. Now i changed the half open connection to 50 when running the patch, and set net.max_halfopen to *40, and now everything is back to normal, even the internet browser.

So the reason i was having all these problems was because the half open connections was set back to 10, while i had net.max_halfopen at *70?

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The halfopen limit only affects the connection attempts you can make at once.

It does NOT affect how many fully established connections you can have at once.

The limit does not apply to incoming connections.

Reduce the net.max_halfopen value if you find you're having connection trouble.

There is no need to patch tcpip.sys if you adjust your halfopen connection attempts properly.

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