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Have no idea why is this happening, file error for multi tracker seed


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hi guys, i would really appreciate if i can get some help on this.

i had a torrent (torrent 1) seeding correctly without any problem.

then i added another torrent (torrent 2) (for partial seeding), which is suppose to read of the same files from which torrent-1 is seeding.

but utorrent stops seeding one of the torrents, either torrent-1 or torrent-2 giving me error, "the system cannot find the specified file", even though the files are there.

i could understand this error, if i was writing to the files and there could have been a locking conflict, but no files are being written, and utorrent is suppose to be only reading from the files, but i am still getting this error.

utorrent does seed both torrents fine for a few minutes before i get this error.

please help me out. the torrents are rather large, so i cannot keep two copies.

thanks a lot :)

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oh, but the file names are same, so overwriting would break the other seed. c the whole torrent is same, but only the sfv files and nfo files are different. any chance i can seed without having to duplicate all the other files and just downloading the missing ones. i remember azureus has the option to set path for each file individually but i do not know how to do that in utorrent as i am relatively new to utorrent.

and another thing that is confusing me, if i am selecting to not download the missing files, and have done a force recheck, isn't utorrent only then reading the bits that are available. even if there are cross file pieces, nothing is being written, so if nothing is written, then there should be no problem in reading what is already there.

is there any option in advance option, such as file lock while reading which can be turned of for this.

have no idea what to do ....

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thanks jewel, but like i said before, there is no option to place files in different directories. so complete download from one will break the other because two of files have the same name but different content :) although all the other files are totally identical.

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In 1.7 there is no way to do that. Identical INFOHASHES load into the same job, and different INFOHASHES load into different jobs but you cannot tell uT in a pre-existing torrent what the files are named as. See what the trackers' policy are on beta clients, or ask them if you can be a "beta tester" for the inprogress 1.8 line on their tracker.. If you ask nicely they may say yes, so they can keep track of your traffic to see if the CLIENT or their SCRIPTS break.

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Post 1::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

hmm maybe i can do that..

thanks for you help though :) :) :) :)

i am going to try something. i have set ut to place .ut! against incomplete files. so i am going to set that off, and c what happens. since the partial seed torrent would be placing .ut and breaking the other one. that can be one reason. but hashes maybe the other.

Post 2:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

hmm double posts not allowed, i think they should be :P on rare occasions :P because now, i do not think anybody will read this :P since the edit will not bump the post :)

ok guys :) first thanks for the help.

BUT just to let you know, after disabling at add extension .ut! to incomplete files, this errors seems to have gone away. it has been seeding fine, both torrents, one complete and the other incomplete for the past few hours non-stop. before i used to get the error within a few minutes. so lets c how long i can seed now :P without the error :P

as i suspected, there seems no logic to place a lock on a non critical file that is just being read.

thanks and take care everyone :)

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