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uTorrent has completely stopped


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Ahhhh I've had it with this, Ive been trying to look for a solution but cannot find one.

Ever since I've had uTorrent it's worked great for me. But a couple of days ago i was download 2 files which are 3.8 gig and 1.8 gig.

I pressed force re-check on the 3.8 gig file without me needing too, and now the torrent have just fully stopped.

Seeds and Leechers are available but my torrents still remain at the same percentage with the inactive symbol.

One of the downloads has changed recently to the red download symbol with the tracker status saying "hostname could not be found"

Ive checked my port and its working fine

I also do not have a green tick anymore down the bottom.

Please help me with this, cause this is just fully f**king me off.

Cheers :D

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