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RSS Feeds are killing me!!!


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I have gone through the tutorial and I guess I am not getting it.

I used this RSS feed http://www.mininova.org/rss/colbert+report/8 and all the episodes appear to show up in the releases portion.

I tried to set a favorite from that specifying

Filter : *

Not :

Save In: (specified a folder)

Feed....chose the feed I set up

Quality: DSRIP

I have left the rest blank....tried to play with Minimum interval but not too sure what that does.

Anyway how do I get it to start grabbing them automatically? I am sure I am missing something.

I see this....but not sure what to do.

Note that the RSS Downloader will NOT consume any extra resources if you have no feeds present/enabled. Some feeds do not give direct links to the .torrent files (most notably Mininova) and as such won't work, but you can use the RSSatellite to modify those feeds to work properly.

I tried doing this here but I am not sure what to do. I tried punching in the URL posted earlier into the first box but I get an error.

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I don't think µTorrent actually cares what version of RSS is being used, as long as it's coherently understandable to it. µTorrent "officially" supports 0.91, but I rarely see feeds that it doesn't support anyhow. Then again, I don't test RSS that heavily, so bleh :P

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