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Utorrent Port Checker


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I think peers could not download from me. I observed they manage to download a bit but then dissapear from the [peers] table > [up Speed] column.

I could still download though, but speed is rather low while upload almost nil.

Could this happen at the same time I do have the 'Network OK' sign(Green tick).

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This issue(I experienced yesterday) stopped this morning(Saturday). I could not replicte this issue. I could now download: 111 kBps while upload: 41 kBps with a rather small swarm.

Disconnecting after a short time (30 seconds)

Exactly. This was what I had experienced.

I tried running with 'forced encription' but at the same time 'allowed legacy connection', but in vain.

What kind of speeds / behaviour do you notice with either of the testing torrents (openoffice or slackware)?

I had received speeds of like upload: 0 - 2 mBps(approx) while download: I forgot exactly but borders on unacceptable(I regret not writing this down); testing with a rather popular torrent. I also noticed my computer name on the peer list(but with different ip).

Thank you jewelisheaven for the helpful hints. Will post with greater accuracy if it recurs.

Zhang Min

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Hi Zhangmin, I believe we are in the same boat. Looking at your port check ip 165.21.-----, I think you are also from Singapore.

I have exactly the same problem as you and it happened only recently. When doing port check with hxxp://www.canyouseeme.org/ sometimes it will show the internet address (port opened) and sometimes it will show the proxied address (port closed). Shields-up port checker always showed the internet address with my port opened.

In utorrent it will show green and orange, so I don't know is my port really open or closed. Checking further it appeared that only some trackers have this problem, usually those with xxxxx/announce.phb. With these trackers I don't get any peers with the the "I" flag while other trackers there are many incoming peers. There seemed to no problems with downloading or uploading, speeds are normal. Only issue is that on private trackers I will receive complain that my port is not open.

Perhaps some gurus could provide some help.


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If it comes and goes... You using SingNet? Your ISP just clamps down on your internet, no biggie as long as it goes away periodically :D

If they tell you that's a problem, advise them you are sharing what you can as efficiently as you can (you ARE setup correctly right?) and that if they have a problem connecting on your swarms to make sure THEY are connectable. If noone can connect to you it means they are firewalled, which truthfully is their problem since you're stuck in an area where the ISPs actively block and interfere with traffic on your lines.

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Okay, will just have to inform the private site accordingly.

Yes I am with Singnet and very sure my setup is correct. I am on a 10/1 connection and usually on public tracker the download speed is between 20 to 300 kB/s while on private tracker I can reach 1.1 MB/s, upload speed is usually max. of my setting.

Just curious this has not happened before only the last 2 weeks.

Anyway thanks for your advise.

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