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Losing space on my C:-drive without downloading to it!


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Hi, yesterday I noticed one of my disks were constantly making noises, so I thought they might be low on space. I checked my C: drive (my system drive, nothing but windows and applications there, maybe some cached stuff too), it had about 150 megs left. I ran CCleaner, but that only cleared up about 50 megabytes, so I just waited a while, checked again and to my surprise I was now at 500 megs, checked a minute later and another 300 megs were free, shortly after I was up to about 1,3gigs, which is how much I had free from the start. My drive was still working loudly, so I had to restart my PC.

The drive has been quiet until just now when I started µtorrent about 15 minutes ago. It took a little while (maybe 5 minutes) before my c: drive started making noises again, and like last time, losing space, then getting it back again shortly after.

I was downloading and uploading at the time, but that was to and from my E: drive, so it shouldn't affect my C: drive, at least not in that way.

So do anyone have any ideas what this might be and how to fix it? Because to me, it's a mystery. :(

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Need more info...

1. Where is utorrent installed?

i presume you left it on default C:\program files\utorrent

2. Did you configure utorrent to "Reserve all the space at once" or "incremental" ?

it seems like you have it on "incremental"

3. Where is your utorrent Download directory?

my guess you have it on C:

4. Where is your utorrent Completed directory?

seems like you put it on E:

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1. Default, yes.

2. I'm not sure, where do I check this?

3. Should be on E: -- if not, where could I set it?

4: Yes, on E:

jewelishheaven: Disks are pretty new, when I say noises I mean normal working disk noises, just alot of it. :P

Other programs? Well there's alot of them, but they havent interfered before, so I doubt they're the cause!

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AllGamer is referring to the "pre-allocate" option under Ctrl-P -> Downloads .. Also if the drive is NTFS check for Ctrl-P -> Advanced diskio.sparse_files . . . That will tell Windows to "allocate" the space (i.e. show it as 1 Gb file) but not actually USE IT (shown in properties (size of file vs actual size on disk)).. until you download it :D

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