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Incoming connection from my router !?


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Since few days, i have slow upload speed and i checked the log of utorrent. It looks like this:

[19:58:26] Incoming connection from

[19:58:26] : Disconnect: Same ID

[19:58:26] 85.186.x.y : Disconnect: Connection closed

[19:58:27] 85.186.x.y : Connecting: port 61643 source: T

[19:58:27] Incoming connection from

[19:58:27] : Disconnect: Same ID

[19:58:27] 85.186.x.y : Disconnect: Connection closed

where: = router's LAN ip (pc default gateway)

85.186.x.y = WAN ip

61643 = the forwarded port in router for utorrent

-I'm using XP sp2 up-to-date, utorrent 176 (tried 175, 161) and Asus WL500-gP router.

-The port is forwarded properly and i'm connectable on all my private trackers.

-Tried to downgrade the router firmware but didn't fix my problem.

-When i hit reset bans, i receive the message:


- Tried bt.allow.same.ip=true and ipfilter.enable=false with no luck

- Sygate firewall pro is closed

- I have 1 Mbps speed for up and i'm uploading with 2 KBytes.

- utorrent worked fine for me for more than 1 year with speed guide settings

Can somebody explain me how to fix this ? It's my router's fault ? I want to use my upload speed :(

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seems like you got it reversed here.

Let me get this straight, you are saying you have Slow SEEDING speed, or Slow Leeching speed?

If your upload (seed) speed is slow, is well you have it set to 2 kBytes, it should be way higher, at least 20 kBytes and up (even if you are just leeching)

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okay, so you are really trying to seed then.

If your seeds are not moving, make sure the Tracker is accessible, if the tracker is good, then look for Peers.

You need to have peers that talks to you, before you can upload anything.

If the Peers have a slow connection, then it doesn't matter how fast your seed is, they'll still only download at the rate their connection allows them to download.

How many peers do you see listed in the (brackets) ?

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I'm using torrents for more than 1 year and i'm not a noob ;) ... i have 168 seeds and 51 peers and my upload speed is only 2 kB (usualy was 60-90 KB) ... the tracker status is "working", even after i hit "update tracker".

I downgraded the firmware of my router, reset the config to factory defaults and i reconfigured all settings from the begining. I'm connectable on trackers and port checker from utorrent says "OK ..."

The upload speed was ok till few days ago ... strange or not, but i don't have problems with my download speed (i have 10 Mbits/s line and dl speed is 700 KBytes/s)

I checked the utorrent log from time to time but i never saw that kind of messages about incoming connection from my router on every second !!!

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