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RSS Downloader: can't modify favorites/filters


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Seems i am the first to report this. Experienced it in a lot of uTorrent versions, on at least 3 very different Windows systems: Vista, XP and 2003 Server. When uTorrent 1.7.6 showed to behave no different, i decided to post this presumed bug:

Problem in short:

* I add several RSS Filters (or Favorites, depends on language settings i guess).

* If i select one on the left side, the data shown on the right is wrong.

* What i do see however, is the above item's data!


Visualizing a problem helps:


Steps taken:

* Updated to 1.7.6

* Deleted the files rss.dat en rss.dat.old in uTorrent's settings folder./

Both to no avail.

My *amateur* guess at the cause:

Though i'm not familiar with the code, either the edit function returns the wrong item's data or -id, or the data is already corrupted when favorites are added.

I can't get the RSS Downloader to work, am i doing something wrong?


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The rrs.dat file on a Windows Server 2003 system showing the behavour:

d10:.fileguard40:13DFCC8775904D96F5A1DC764CBDD62E548ED65A5:feedsld7:enabledi1e5:identi1e3:url44:TPB TV Shows|http://rss.thepiratebay.org/205ee7:filtersld9:directory0:7:enabledi0e14:episode_filteri0e15:episode_filter20:4:feedi-1e6:filter26:*stargate.atlantis.s04e14*5:label4:rss210:last_matchi0e4:name1:110:not_filter0:13:postpone_modei1e7:qualityi-1e15:smart_ep_filteri0eed9:directory0:7:enabledi0e14:episode_filteri0e15:episode_filter20:4:feedi-1e6:filter26:*stargate.atlantis.s04e14*5:label4:rss310:last_matchi0e4:name1:210:not_filter0:13:postpone_modei1e7:qualityi-1e15:smart_ep_filteri0eed9:directory0:7:enabledi0e14:episode_filteri0e15:episode_filter20:4:feedi-1e6:filter0:5:label0:10:last_matchi0e4:name1:310:not_filter0:13:postpone_modei0e7:qualityi-1e15:smart_ep_filteri0eee7:historylee

Also uploaded it to zshare as per request: rss.dat - 0.00MB

How this appears in the GUI:

What the interface shows is a list containing "1", "2", and "3" with example torrent i used a while ago to test if the auto downloader at least triggered correctly - versus only messing op the GUI information. But it didn't download anything.

At creation time i gave each item a rss1 rss2 or rss3 tag to use.

At edit/view time, i see tag rss3 viewed when item 2 is selected.

Could it be i'm using some character that is reserved for formatting data in the file?

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When i can get my hands on it i will try 1.8.

A Windows 2003 Server machine runs 1.7.7 yet still suffers from this problem.

Btw when looking for the build svn, i noticed uTorrent isn't opensource.. never knew that. :'(

I thought it was before, was the license changed when Bittorrent took over?

Related to that remark, is there a way to extend on uTorrent, like SOAP or APIs accessible via e.g. a procedure call from PHP? I favor programs that give me that freedom to interconnect stuff.

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There's this too (a PHP API): http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=27414

The PHP API actually has more stuff than I've bothered to document in the API sticky. I mean, I have a bunch of additional information that Ryan and Directrix gave me regarding WebUI calls still lying around in some log somewhere, but I've been too lazy/busy to actually get them organized and posted :P

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