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how do u retrieve a missing file after the download reads 100% complet


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Oh, sorry yea. After you recheck and it verifies you are missing files, START the torrent again. It should complete to 100%. Note that resetting previously "do not download" files will require downloading of them. (Aside: Force Start should not be used except in extreme cases... thats what Ctrl-P -> Queueing is for)

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u sort ot lost me there

i have 31.8 mb (1hash fail) and i can queue it to start after the force recheck,is that correct?

i would queue it in the options menu, right?

how do i know if it retrieved the file, would the hash fail be gone?

i appreciate the help u'r giving me

any idea what a binkw32.dll file is or does?

is it important because i couldn't fix the hash fail

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No... tracker updates have nothing to do with the hashfail count. The count won't go away unless you reload the torrent (quite unnecessary). Ignore the number if a forced recheck shows the torrent to be 100% completed.

Just to be sure... in the Files tab, nothing shows "skip" in the Priority column, right?

Try right-clicking the torrent in the list in µTorrent and open containing folder. Do you see the files?

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nothing shows skipped, all is normal

checked the folder and there isn't any file that is 31.8mb

the executive is where it says the binkw32.dll is missing

i guess i shouldn't be seeding this file until i get the missing file or will the peers just get it from another seed?

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when i run the exe file it needs the binkw32.dll file which i understood was the file that had the hash fail

on doing a lot of reading and with the help from jewelisheaven i've come to understand that this is a video program file that probably isn't included with the downloaded file(wasn't meant to be)

the hash fail was probably corrected on it's own and that's why everything is normal and 100% complete

reread my post and a lot of searching/reading, shouldn't have any troubles from now on

i'll see if i can find the file i need to fill the gap

thanks jewelisheaven and ultima for your help and time, i appreciate it


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