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scheduler feature request


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Finally found what I want! Quote from * Index » General » pre time torrent downloads : "Holding Shift while click-dragging across the hour-grid means "seed-only" or upload only, no download. "

Great feature - could you put it into the help or the hint for scheduler? Ta muchly

My ISP does not count uploads as part of my limit and so I'd like to be be uploading (seeding?) as much as possible during peak times. It would be great if scheduler allowed turning off downloads or setting downloads to 0 during peak times yet allow uploads during peak. I found one other request for this in Trash.

I found this quote from Switeck Moderator in

* Index » Trash » Scheduled download: "You could have Scheduler running in seed-only mode till then...and all new downloads (and unfinished downloads) would start then." but that option does not exist now?

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