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µTorrent slows down my Internet


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Well, it started in the last month or so... the (HTTP) download speed is not affected, but the sites take ages to load. Once I shut down µTorrent everything is fine. When I reload µTorrent, it seems to be fine for some 20 minutes, then gradually starts slowing down again until it becomes unbearable. I'm using the latest version of µTorrent (1.7.6) but it also happened with 1.7.5.

Required information:

The network status light is green

Port checker says: OK! Port 52932 is open and accepting connections.

Speed Guide settings: Upload limit 22 kB/s / Upload slots 3 / Connections 70 / Connections (global) 130 (tried decreasing to 50, didn't help) / Max active torrents 2 /

Max active downloads 1

net.max_halfopen set to 8 (tried decreasing to 4, didn't help)

Operating system: Windows XP SP2

Firewall: Default Windows firewall

Antivirus: NOD32 3.0.621.0 (recently upgraded, this also happened before)

Antispyware: Windows Defender

No router

Modem model: Terayon TJ 715

ISP: 012 (Israeli. Yes, I know they throttle BitTorrent transfers, but this never affected my browsing speed)

Connection type: Cable. Speed test results: Download 127 kB/s / Upload 263 kB/s / Latency 108ms (I tried this test a couple of times. Once it said: "Warning: You connection shows signs of ISP upload compression)

Everything I've tried so far: Removing and recreating exception in Firewall, disabling IP resolve, DHT, UPnP, NAT-PMP, peer.resolve_country, lowering global connections to 50, net.max_halfopen to 4, patching TCPIP.SYS, restarting everything, shouting rude remarks at any electronic appliance in sight, praying to God, Allah, Krishna and Satan. Anything left to try?

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Well, I've been using NOD32 for many years and it never caused these problems before, so I find it hard to believe that it's the cause of the problem. But I'll try disabling it and see if it helps.

And no, my upload is on zero most of the time...

Any other ideas?

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Your Defender doesn't get rave reviews. While I will not jump to conclusions about your firewall, that is usually the cause in these cases. Have you gone through the "limited settings" in the How-To to see if that removes the problem. If indeed it does it sounds like SOME firewall s filling up entries with all the connections your uT is making. Perhaps your modem has a firewall component you didn't know about? See if there's a way to increase its table size, OR make it cache less entries before refreshing.

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not ignorance, obsequiousness ;P I have most of the links for helpful tips on the uT site in my sig. Including Ultima's How-To for Troubleshooting ;) Also note that that recent microsoft windows update may have negatively affected the Local Peers and / or DHT functions due to their nature for using many connections so indeed it may not be your setup, but that it does not handle those functions anymore. The second post in the How-To lists ways to make your uT "limited settings" mode which is useful in cases like this.

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