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don't know how to fix my speed.


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I have been trying to fix my download speed for hours and I'm not getting anywere. My speed is always in the low 20k's. I've tried opening a port but I got stuck at a part and couldn't get past it. I tried going to this site http://increasemysurfingspeed.blogspot.com/ but at step 2 I wasn't able to proceed. please help I don't know what to do.

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I'm not even going to click that link because blogspot is a blog site and blog sites are home to ads which are not useful to helping you. Have you tried the FAqs and pre-made Guides available at this site for uT?

You may not be able to reach higher speeds. Have you tested downloading either of the testing openoffice or slackware torrents? You may reach higher speeds with the 1.8 line found in the Announcements forum.

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sorry nikki,

at step2, right click network.http.proxy.pipelining, you will

get a window that has new. Please take note of this correction because

it was said that you need to right click on about:config

It has been modified in the site also. please check http://increasemysurfingspeed.blogspot.com/


It has the advantage of pipelining( which means parallely simultaneously transferring data so that great speeds can be obtained.


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