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HOW to re-seed a torrent file


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Thanks for the tip, although I was aware of the Guide section. My problem is that I cannot LOAD a torrent. When the torrent file is selected (Ctrl -D) what happens next is that the program requires a place to save the torrent content. There is no indication of HOW to POINT to the already saved files. So what I get so far is that the torrent file starts DOWNLOADING and not loading.

So, Is it possible for someone to indicate step by step the three-part re-seeding procedure ?


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Suppose you've downloaded to C:\Downloads previously, then in the Add Torrent dialog, open the torrent for the files you want to re-seed and specify the same dir. where the downloaded files reside.

If you downloaded a dir. called "New_Stuff" for example to C:\Downloads, then you need to specify C:\Downloads and not C:\Downloads\New_Stuff.

Hope this helps!

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