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Uploading fine when DLing, then it crashes & goes to 0 connections


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Problem: After I open a new torrent, it UL and DLs fine, but then after it finishes DLing, my upload rate eventually crashes to 0 and I don't connect to any peers.

After going through the uTorrent FAQ, and Ultima's "IF YOU HAVE SPEED ISSUES READ HERE FIRST" my best guess as to what is going on is either my network is somehow screwing me (although don't know how that could be, considering I am directly connected to my modem & can UL/DL fine as long as I'm doing both at the same time, on the same torrent), or (despite having set up uT exactly according to the uTorrent.com instructions) my firewall is preventing me from seeding (after I finish DLing). Either way, I'm not sure what the problem is; the only other thing I can think of that's worth noting is that during the slow but very consistent crash to 0 connections during UL phase, I can only connect to 1 peer (@ ~3kBs), and even that's intermittent.

Any help would be fantastic~ (I just want to give back but uT isn't letting me! ARGH!)

My settings:

Network Status Light: Yellow (exclamation point)

Speed Gude Settings: Download: 200 / Upload: 190

Port Checker from Speed Guide writes: Error! Port 49889 does not appear to be open.

Speed guide settings:

Upload Limit: 19kB/s

Upload Slots: 3

Connections: 55

Connections (global): 90

Max Active Torrents: 1

Max Active Downloads: 1

net.max_halfopen: 8

OS: Windows XP

Security Software Installed: Windows Firewall, McAfee Antivirus

Modem: Arescom NetDSL 800

Router: don't have one- my laptop connects directly to my modem

ISP: Qwest

Connection type: DSL (DL:211 Kb/s, UL: 202 Kb/s)

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Does my modem act as a router?

Hm...I didn't think this model did act as a router, but I guess it does (according to the link Ultima posted).

Has the setting in your firewall been reauthorized for the new 1.7.6 version?

Yep. In fact there's now 2 UT exception rules in my Windows Firewall settings list. See picture here. (Granted, I don't know if that matters or not...)

Thx for the thought anyway. Is there anything else that could even remotely be affecting my UT client this way?

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The Arescom NetDSL modem I have was purchased way before modems and routers were combined into one unit

Mm... The Google search I conducted seems to indicate otherwise... Can you check the ipconfig output like I previously suggested just to be sure?

Edit: Heh, you just noticed my post... Alright :) Just FYI, it appears that your router might've had some kind of remote security flaw. I've not looked into it too carefully (so I don't know how the flaw might manifest itself), but many of the Google search results seem to indicate as much.

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Can you check the ipconfig output like I previously suggested just to be sure?

OK, cool. That's exactly what I did. Here's what I ended up with.

Also, I took a look at that security error you mentioned Ultima, and the best description I could find of it is as follows:

A configuration vulnerability was reported in the ARESCOM NetDSL 800 router. A remote user can connect to the router without authenticating and reconfigure it.

It is reported that the default configuration of the NetDSL 800 router does not require authentication on the telnet management port. A remote user can gain access to the management console via telnet.

On the plus side, I'm not completely sure that this is what is causing my UL problem (unless someone's hacked my modem and reconfigured it already), but on the other hand, if it is what's causing it, the big negative is that all the websites I visited say that there's no current solution to fix it.

Any ideas? (You're very knowledgeable BTW- it's really helpful)


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(Takes one look at the page- sees the screwdriver) Mother of...

(...scrolls down) o_o

(...more scrolling) O_0

(finally arrives at the end) T_T

Last time I had to do this to a piece of hardware, I couldn't get my comp to recognize it after I'd pieced it back together.

So...does this basically mean that my modem settings (which I can NOT modify b/c my modem is locked), are what are causing the ULing problem? (I'm just trying to make sure, b/c if I do go out and get another modem, I want it to be one that DOESN'T cause me this problem)

This is actually the first time Port Forwarding has caused me a hassle. I'm actually a semi-non-noob UT user (on my desktop, which is now burnt to a crisp), but I've never had to deal with a locked modem before.

Is this a problem with a great number of other modems out there? You wouldn't happen to know of a good DSL modem that wouldn't cause me this issue would you (anyone)? (For example, anyone w/a DSL modem- what make/model is it please?)

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