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filtering torrent traffic to alternate interface in linux


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Me thinks... Your talking about "Stateful Policy Management" a.k.a "Session Management" which works by injecting forged reset packets into P2P connections, causing connections to immediately terminate and as Ultima pointed out, rests at the ISP side of the fence. Stateful deep-packet inspection and packet spoofing is integrated with standard L3 routing vectors and look's something like a man-in-the-middle dos attack.. hence why Comcast received a a harty lawsuit, which as a Tier-1 service provider... is kind of :cool:

Some more infos:




anyone know how to determine normal torrent traffic using linux filtering? My goal is to filter all torrent traffic out to an alternate interface (iptables/ipchains?)

Wouldn't it be easy enough to assign all P2P or 'torrent' traffic to a specified port and then direct the port to the interface you require? AKA bonding or port trunking? e.g;


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Everyone is being way too deep here...

The solution to my problem was to just use iptables routines (ROPE as IPCOP addon) to just forward any p2p traffic to whereever i need it. ROPE basically uses specific packet criteria to distinguish p2p packets and then returns back to iptables a yes (the packet matched) or no so that iptables can handle the packet accordingly...

Thanks for the help anyway...

My next big step is to be able to create a pptp connection from the IPCOP server (From Scratch Linux) to a third party (creating an interface to forward the p2p packets to)...anyone know the steps to create a pptp connection (pptp is my only option) (probably using pptp and pppd my guess)?

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I agree...but since it will be a controlled situation and any incoming connections will get routed and replied to without any obstruction, I shouldn't have an issue. I am not trying to control other users, just trying to get the pptp connection on the router to effectivly route my p2p through a service such as relakks.com.

my problem is i don't know much about linux in the area of initiating a pptp connection via pptp and pppd. anyone know how?

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