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BIG Portforwarding problem ..[REDICULOUS...]


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I know how to forward my port and it is forwarded as of now .. But the problem is ..sometimes when i restart the computer i run uTorrent and it says my port isn't forwarded ..i login to my router to check the issue.. I see that the Rule i have set, so that my port is forwarded for uTorrent is gone. I apply the rule again and it works back again ...I have absolutely no idea what is causing this problem ...

It automatically unforwards my port ...LOL

This does not happen often, but it is rediculous ..While i was looking for a solution to this problem .. i realize that my windows firewall was having problems as well .. IT WAS DISABLED via Services.msc. For some reason when i turn on the pc this morning to have a look at it in Services.msc .. It got switched back to "AUTOMATIC"...for what reason i do not know ..

This is where the real problem starts .. i try to turn it on ..while it is "AUTOMATIC" and it will not respond ...it says "Windows Firewall cannot start this service". Error 13 ...

Any ideas guys? This is the lamest problem ever !!

Thanks for any help


some additional info..

My router is a LYNX L-320 ADSL router. using uTorrent 1.7.6

It is connected to 2 computers. My laptop which i'm using right now and my other desktop (not using uTorrent there)

I have a dynamic ip, but most of the time, the ip doesn't get changed, unless i reboot the modem. (don't know if that matters)

running windows vista

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:( Another reason why windows update is bullocks. Patch Tuesday REGULARLY resets people's windows settings, including update, security center, firewall, and for those who run a looser ship, tcpip.sys max-halfopen...

:/ Nothing that can be done within uT. I will ask though if you have "automatically map to windows firewall" and / or Use UPnP or Use NAT-PMP?

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thanks for the reply, In uTorrent i have UPnP and NAT-PMP checked.

Im not sure what you mean by "automatically map to windows firewall" I have

"Add uTorrent to firewall exceptions" checked.

Just to clear things up ..are you saying there was a patch tuesday regarding the problem i am experiencing? sorry for any misunderstanding ;)

I have applied the rule back again. I will reply back here if the problem persist.

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Microsoft issued whatever it is they are called "security bulletins"... which result in patches and fixes (referenced in their Knowledge Base). One of them support.microsoft.com/kb/941644 affects the networking subsystem and as such many people who had previously set / patched their halfopen counts higher than default are affected by a variety of symptoms. Unless you are INDEED using UPnP (is it set as ENABLED on your router) manual forwarding is plenty. However if you have both manual forwarding and UPnP rules for your router, I'm not surprised there are problems.

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It doesn't :( windows firewall is still not working .. i'm beginning to think that the issue has nothing to do with uTorrent settings.. just my windows firewall probably ..

Btw, can you please tell me what Upnp and NAT-PMP actually does... i've actually read some stuff, but didn't really understand the concept ... What effects do these 2 settings have?

In terms of rules .. i think only 1 for uTorrent in the windows firewall. At first i was using Kaspersky internet security but i uninstalled it because it was consuming a lot of resources ..now i guess it's just the built-firewall on the router, since Windows firewall is not working as it should ...

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UPnP is a framework (not standardized apparently, which leads to the shotgun approach to routers working with it enabled) for devices to make themselves known and able to be automatically used/attached/linked-to. It stands for Universal Plug and Play and has had it's roots around since the Windows-'95 era with "plug and play" (you may remember that being touted as a selling point). Apple and others apparently have created a contrasting "standard" called NAT-PMP, for which wikipedia has a more descriptive definition.

Please be SURE about the rules, if you see multiples listed (different ports) delete them all and manually re-add them. I think you'll need to have two separate ones (one for TCP protocol, one for UDP protocol) if you wish to utilize DHT.

Indeed if your router is not setup correctly, for your PORT (Ctrl-G in uT), to your IP (gleaned from ipconfig output), then you definitely will have troubles.

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thanks for clearing it up :) So i guess i will not use those 2 settings. I actually don't care much about the windows firewall not working, not much of a big deal. It's just the uTorrent part that bugs me ..I'm just scared that uTorrent will say my port is unforwarded again ..(gets pretty annoying eventually ...)

Also, All routers have built-in firewalls anyway ...(not too sure if it's safe enough :S)

If it's not, then you got any suggestions for good firewalls ?

Thanks for all the help so far :) I'm a newbie sorry ;)

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You're quite right with routers having firewalls. AFAIK no router is initially setup in OPEN mode. Therefore they are CLOSED, i.e. in block-all mode. Which means you don't get ANY unwanted connections. That's the reason you make rules in their port forwarding or virtual server sections, to make ALLOW rules for traffic you are expecting to come through. :) Sorry no I don't have any current firewalls. When I was on dialup I used this spiffy program from signal9.com I think it was Conseal PC Firewall or some such.

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But isn't it dangerous to not have an extra firewall ? You seem like an expert so that is why I'm asking you so much questions, sorry if it's annoying you :P

I'm just very interested in this IT stuff :)

I'll stop spamming this thread with my questions :) I'm sure it's bugging you too

Very nice meeting you :)

I'll post back if the port forwarding issue arises again (hope not :X)

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damn bad news ..now uTorrent has a red icon .. :( i tried regular portforwarding routine and it's not working i'm afraid ...i think things have gotten worse :( any ideas ?

I could be doing something wrong.. i'm not sure ..it seems like i've done it correctly ..

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I'm sure it was green before. It's just recently these stupid problems have occurred...so i'm really confused on what is causing this problem ..

1) Windows firewall??

2) Modem settings ??

3) ISP ...??

ISP: ACANAC.NET ...known for having connectivity problems ...and ironically i just read they had some connectivity problem recently ...grrrr sooo confused :S

Hmm i will have a talk with my isp about this. I doubt it's the ISPs fault though .. will have a look into it, thanks for the advice. I'll let you know what happens



Hey jewelisheaven, it wasn't my isp for sure. It is my port forwarding settings i guess. The port gets unforwarded when i restart the computer. I am thinking this is caused by not forwarding the port properly. I checked my router. I have the port forwarded like this:

These are the ip of the 2 computers connected to my ADSL modem. It is again a Starbridge Lynx-L320. I'm not sure if this is considered to be a router as well..the modem itself provides 4 ethernet ports.

I have applied the rule to forward the port with one of the ips (ip of my computer) available in this screenshot of the LAN CLIENTS.


I know it shows both ips as "DYNAMIC" which i suppose would cause problems.

The question is would i have to setup a STATIC IP to forward the port for uTorrent ? Would this static ip only be used by uTorrent or would i always be using this ip from now on? eg. like browsing web pages ..

If a static ip is indeed required to forward a port in uTorrent i will try to set it up

I seriously don't understand.. i have just forwarded like 30 minutes ago, i got a GREEN light. Now when i reboot the laptop..its ERROR again ...

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