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Emule users...?


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Um... I'm a light emule user..(just have those files you can't find elsewhere)

and I've been useing Emule Element 0.43b and today I just noticed.. I'm badly outdated... and that Emule Element is a dead project

so I'm here to ask if anyone has opinions oh a Emule client to hop over to...

oh and not Emule Plus because it doesn't have Kad network

Currently looking at DaZZle Emule?

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dazzle emule is basically a normal emule with the possibility to disable sharing at all. in other words, something next to a "bad mod" .. "leecher mod" call it how you want. and don't be surprised ending up beeing banned from most sources.

I'd suggest taking a look on pages like emule-mods.de (dunno an english site)

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OK, first I want to say that Dazzle is an EXCELENTE mod.. the best I've used so far and I've tried Neo, Morph, LSD, Phoenix, Plus, Evostar and a couple more. It finds more sources than any other mod period. Download rates are GREAT. And I use it to download rare files otherwise I go with eMule LSD which is also a great great mod.

If you feel guilty for using a so-called 'leecher-mode' go with LSD.

And BTW, Dazzle is a leecher mode ONLY if YOU decide to use that feature!

And talking about the official cliente: everybody knows that the two main guys responsible for it are getting kindda 'tired' of it and not releasing new versions or adding some useful features to it that users demand (I won't go into details here). So at this moment mods are doing better than the official.

I am sure that many posters here will go after Dazzle and give it a try ;)


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