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Solution for slow internet surfing/DC after 1.7.6 upgrade


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Statistically speaking seems like alot of people are getting the slow internet problem after the upgrade as I am one of them. Internet doesnt move once i start a torrent download. I have been looking around in the utorrent forums and came across a solution that worked. Stupid but IT WORKS and my utorrent is flying now hitting my usual sweet max speed without interrupting surfing...

1) go install Bitcomet.

2) Open bitcoment. A little tab at the bottom right will appears saying that ur TCP half max is low...change it to a higher number like 50. Apply, restart windows.

3) Uninstall Bitcomet (bitcomet sucks big time anyway)

4) Change ur TCP half open max setting in utorrent to the number u set

5) ENJOY !!

Screw lvllords's patch...it doesnt work for this 1.7.6 version. Once everything is well going...dont touch it again...or else your net slows to a scrawl again...

spread the love....cheers

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NO NO NO! That will not fix it, it will only aggravate it. If you had low half-open counts BECAUSE you patched, but had previous HIGH setting that is one thing covered already in the numerous threads floating about. Because BitComet has an option for it may be part of the philosophy of the developer, but the entry in the FAQ regarding this issue gives a single program which suits the patching purpose (which is not the solution) 4226 error and patcher.

You STILL should go through the troubleshooting and setup guide and BE SURE you are not running with settings which over-saturate your connection.

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actually i did everything in the troubleshooting guide. I know what ya mean about it. I know what the half open settings are. Well, I just wanna say i used the lvllord's patch to lower my half open from 50 to 4 becoz i thot I had saturated my connection. But in fact i had been using 50 for the past many versions of utorrent and only after i upgraded to the latest i got saturated thus the internet problem. Anyway before i got utorrent working properly again...what ever TCP half max setting 0 to 100 doesnt work...

So what im trying to say is that...IF EVERYTHING ELSE DOESNT WORK, USE THIS METHOD....COZ IT WORKS !!..

Everything is working back to normal for me...and im still on 50 TCP half open setting.

Anyway i got another friend of mine who also had this problem after the upgrade. He just solved it an hour ago using this method.


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