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Really slow downloads, nothing's working


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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help with this...

Let's see... basics... speeds are usually between 2-5 kb/s. Sometimes they climb to around 15 but it never lasts for long. It's been this way for about a month and a half, although it used to work fine, with speeds of... well 20 kb/s would be a low speed. Didn't often go past 100 kb/s. I don't know if this is wrong but... smaller files seem to reach higher speeds, but anything above 200 mb is painfully slow. Again, could be wrong on that.

I've read the set-up guide, followed it through twice. Followed the suggestions in the sticky. Port IS forwarded. As for the info requested in the sticky...

- network light is green.

- upload limit: 41 kb/s

connections: 80

max active torrents: 3

upload slots: 4

connections (global): 100

max active downloads: 2

- net.max_halfopen: 4

- operating system: windows xp

- windows firewall, avg antivirus

- modem: d-link 604, router... *goes to check* Motorola Surfboard something?

- ISP/connection type: Shaw cable

- Speed Test stuff:

Download: 3466 kb/s

Upload: 412 kb/s

Hopefully it's something silly I'm doing wrong. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. :)

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Motorolas have their own fixes/suavete which is needed to make them work right. Your settings sound great for your connection ;) and another old d-link :D:D my 704... I would die without it. It is possible your ISP has started shaping profiles. You can always try a 1.8 self-contained install to verify this (you're using the test torrents from the How-To right?) is possible/different as it includes some workarounds for current countermeasures http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F

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Okay I've been watching the downloads all day, and I've noticed something. The downloads DO start to connect, extremely well too. Both climbed to 150 kb/s today, and one was just at 600 kb/s, which I've never seen. But they die, extremely quickly. And by die I mean, there's nothing happening, downloading or uploading. I have changed some settings from what I previously posted for the record.

Any ideas?

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