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What is a good router for p2p?


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I currently have a Belkin wireless router which really doesn`t like too juggle too many connections at a time. When I have many torrents going on at the same time on my rotuer, I usually just get 1/5 my max speed of 10mb while browsing becomes quite slow. Connecting directly to the gateway fixes this.

What I need is a new router that works like a wonder with p2p. It is wireless with good range of about 15m in a 2 story house with wooden walls. It has a couple of wired connections and all the other things you should expect from a decent router. Being cheap is a nice bonus.

(Btw, I don`t actually use the wireless segment for my networking, but the odd time a machine comes around my house with wireless its nice to have)

So what is a good wireless router for p2p?

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lol I can (and do) make mistakes; I wouldn't use my post count as a meterstick to measure my accuracy ;D

Indeed, you won't find many complaints about the WRT54GL. Its siblings, the WRT54G v5 and up, on the other hand, have loads of problems. Anyhow, enjoy the router, and if you ever need to boost the WiFi signal, don't go too far overboard (many places suggest 70mW as the upper bound)!

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you don;t really need a GOOD router for Torrents

what you need to LEARN is how MANY MAX connection your Router can handle at any given time, before it dies like a dog, and needs a reset.

once you find the MAX number, cut it in half if you share your router with other people, else cut it by 20%

then use that number in uTorrent "Max Gloabla Connections", and you are set.

my router will go stupid after it passes 100 connections

so i set it at 80, or even 90, and it works great

but at 90 my Web Browsing is slow

so i set it at 80, to save up enough for my games and web browsing.

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