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WRT54G < v5 Owner and extremely slow (Already replaced Firmware)


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Alright...I'm fairly new to torrenting, so I've spent quite a few days just researching and reading over all the specs in hopes to figure this thing out on my own. Finally, I reached a point that frustration took over and I'm forced to ask for help.

I'm currently running between 0 kB/s and 10 kB/s with 8 seeds and 2 peers.

Things I've Done

- I replaced my original Linksys WRT54G firmware with DD-WRT v.23 STD.

- Port Range Forwards 24811 to 24819....and all ports are shown to me OK!

- Disabled Router Firewall (SecureIT Firewall P2P blocking currently disabled)

- Increased Maximum Ports: From 512 to 4096

- Decreased TCP/UDP Timeouts: From 3600 to 90

- Made exceptions in XP Firewall for uTorrent

- Created Usable services under my network connection

- Been through the uTorrent Speed Optimization Setup

uTorrent Specs

Speed Tests: 334 kb/s DL - 241 kb/s UL

Global Max: 100

Max # Peers: 16

# Upload Slots: 3

Protocol Encryption: Enabled

Max Upload Rate: 40 kB/s (Unsure about what's needed?)

Max Download Rate: 40 kB/s (Unsure about what's needed?)

net.max_halfopen: *40

peer.lazy_bitfield: true

Any help would be greatly appreciated....even if it's obviously something elementary that I've been missing. I went through the work of putting the new firmware on my router.....so I'm not going to just blow off your suggestions. I NEED HELP!!!

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Thank you for the thorough report, and as suggested put those settings in place. While your lowering the settings was a good idea. I would also recommend resetting your connections and slots to the xx/256 defaults and only SLIGHTLY change them under Preferences. 384Kbps translates to 48 KiBps in uT THEORETICAL maximum, not sustained throughput. You can check your settings with either of the test torrents in Ultima's How-To (both openoffice and slackware are known working swarms) for verification.

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