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I'm not understanding cerain things!


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Hey all, sorry if this seems dumb, but here goes.

I've downloaded three files successfully. I've been seeding these three downloads for the following time frames:

File 1: 2D12H, I cannot get it to seed any faster than about 4kbs,

File 2: 1D15H, I cannot get it to seed any faster than about 8kps,

File 3: 2D18H, I cannot get it to seed any faster than about 12kps.

I've set the Upload Bandwidth speed to Unlimited, but they will not seed any faster. Now I suppose that I should be happy, but I want to download a few more files AND make sure that I follow the SEEDING rules of about 1.5 times. At this point, file1 is about 1.104, files2 and 3 are still around .56x times (estimated time remaining is around: 20 hours, 1 day and INFINITY!!!).

I realize that I can start other torrent downloads, but doing so causes my system to slow down - even checking email and ICQ messages is painful, so I've stopped these two other downloads in the hopes that seeding will complete soon.

What, if anything, am I doing wrong (or NOT doing correctly).

I've read the tips here (and try to adhere to them): http://www.aeonity.com/frost/secret-fast-torrent-downloading, but I just can't seem to get nothing speedy out of the seeding process.

More quick questions. When I check the General Tab, I see that there are 0 of X seeds connected (Y in swarm). Forgive my stupidity, but is this correct? Shouldn't I be a seed or am I just a peer seeding?

Thanks for the time and any info would be appreciated.


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I'm connectable. I can see the following flags:

u = Peer wants your client to upload, but your client doesn't want to (interested and choked) - not sure what this means?

I = Peer is an incoming connection

O = Optimistic unchoke

As well as HEX and so on.

If there is no one to seed to, should I continue? I would think yes... Otherwise I would think that I'd be branded a leecher.


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If you are downloading concurrently while uploading, enabling the "relevance" column allows you to see how much the other peer has that you don't. I don't think there is a way to see the reverse on your side. :/ Keep the torrents running, but unless you've SET those limits on the torrent, (right click properties to verify) it is the peers downloading from you that are your bottleneck :/

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