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Most of these are probably already known including Ultima's standing list-o-bugs but I wanted to make all the ones I've seen tidy since they all relate to "UI utility" as I call it. [ul][li]The sorting indicator is not constant when you hide and then re-enable the primary sorting column.[/li][li] The interactive "highlight" of the sorting column works great, as it's some sort of gradient based-off the "Window" parameter in Display Settings, however it is bugged. After you highlight a column (i.e. create a sorting column) and enable or disable active columns the highlight moves around.[/li][li] Is it possible to make the sorting 3-way for primary (no shift held down), Ascending, Descending, and OFF? [/li][li]It seems 420's post resolved my questions/concerns about tooltips, I hadn't mucked with re-sizing the columns smaller.[/li][li] Are you aware multiple selection of torrents is not possible inside the "column grid" unless you click on an open space in the first column irregardless of pane?[/li][li] The popup dialogs referenced by "show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" under UI Settings and "Always show dialog on manual add" under Directories are inconsistent when either is disabled.[/li][li]I talked a bit with alus a LONG time back about the functionality added when duplicate torrents are added (uT highlights the torrent if available) and asked about uT doing the same for when the change queue location buttons are used (it's the most-recent reporting).[/li][li]The Preferences and RSS dialogs aren't modal like the Speed Guide and About dialogs (modal means they take focus right). Additionally if you're changing modality, could About be changed non-modal so one can continue a long-running game of µTris?[/li][/ul]

So I'll ask here: What does it take to get the metadata? Trying to manually add the peer I know has the torrent running (another instance on my IP) doesn't work via LAN IP or WAN IP, but DOES work via localhost:PORT. Standing ... "issue" with peers and reset bans. Isn't high priority though it does make testing "invalid packet length" a bit tricky ;)Actually that's not quite true either, I crashed someways into the transfer.. I guess it crashed after I filled my cache, but not quite. It started transferring @ 5Mbit for < 1 minute, which is only 24 MiB from my calculations :/

I'm trying to get it to work from local IPs because it makes it easier. Looking at my post for the 1.8 thread it took over 2 hours to get the metadata from the wild.

8205.20080128202316.rar - 18.84MB

As of 8235 I can resolve magnet: to files just fine. Should it pop-up a dialog for pathing if the UI Settings -> "show a window that displays files" OR Directories -> "always show dialog" are checked? Current implementation of RSS seems to coincide with this auto-application. It also makes a bit more sense that you should/wouldn't be able to set the filename/path from a dialog due to it being unknown. Obsolved by BEP 9. Where DN=FILENAME is applied the placeholder Name column title exists. When metadata is received Name changes to filename in INFO dict, and applies to Download folder. Some confusion on my part about where that actually IS when relative pathing is used.

I would like to also point out my MISTAKE about RSS and downloads not applying when the "download but do not start" options are checked. It works just fine. After poking through my feeds for the last week, I saw the ones I wanted to download did so, and the feeds continued to download as expected. It just SEEMED odd since the favourites are still in the Ctrl-R dialog so it's not as fluid to change the settings. :)

[li]When RSS tries to auto-download or you tell it to right-click->download and there is an error, the message box pops up. Pressing OK automatically launches the default browser. The same thing happening from Ctrl-U does not. Is this intentional?[/li]

[li]Also related to RSS: Clicking on Edit Feed seems to trigger the "update feed" function. Shouldn't it only trigger after OK is selected in the dialog? (This was tested on 7928 so forgive me if it's been changed in the interim[/li]

[li]Is it my imagination or is the "show download bar" under the advanced context menu does not toggle. Double click functions properly and one can multi-select to ENable the download bar, however trying to disable it one must double click the torrent :([/li]

ALSO, I brought up "Status" column sorting when FORCED was moved to prefix the list items, but it seems the order is ... off. Current(ly reverse) sorting is: F-Down, Down, F-Seed, Seed, Queue, Queue Seed, Stop, Finish, Pause, RSS, Previous, and Error. I have included both file and RSS entries which I have readily available. I'm not sure how ALL error messages sort for ex., From the exe:

[ul][li]Checked %:.1d%%[/li][li]Downloading[/li][li]Error: %s[/li][li]Finished[/li][li][F] Downloading[/li][li][F] Seeding[/li][li][F] Initial-Seeding[/li][li]Paused[/li][li]Queued[/li][li]Queued Seed[/li][li]RSS[/li][li]Previously Downloaded[/li][li]Seeding[/li][li]Stopped[/li][li]Initial-Seeding[/li][/ul] the sorting seems kind of arbitrary. [li]It's not alphabetical ... so it appears to be state-based?? I don't suppose asking for a key to order the list order (similar to how columns are stored) would be a useful feature to have. ;)[/li]

In the Create Torrent dialog (woo non-modal!) the trackers field does not show a scrollbar, is this to save space? ALSO when opening the dialog there is a visual "move" of the dialog from 0,0 to the position stored in settings, is this desirable?

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[ul][li]The About dialog has already been made non-modal in a private alpha build :) AFAIK, the changes toward making the dialogs non-modal were intentional, so if anything needs to be changed, it would have to be the Speed Guide. Whether it's doable, I'm not sure, as Ryan has had some minor troubles in customizing some of the finer details of the wizard before.[/li]

[li]Can you clarify what do you mean by "multiple selection of torrents is not possible"?[/li]

[li]What consistency issue are you referring to with regards to the add torrent dialog?[/li]

[li]I tend to doubt that turning sorting off would be implemented, but regardless, I'm curious as to what practical use there would be for such a change :o[/li][/ul]

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WEE!! I guessed right for once.

re: multiple select, try it yourself.[ul][li]Get a running torrent[/li][li]Click Peers tab[/li][li]Enable resolve IPs and/or shorten IP column extremely low[/li][li]Try click dragging all over the place to highlight multiple peers[/li][li]The ONLY ways I can that to work is by 1)click-dragging outside the columns OR 2) click-dragging from the IP column which is not filled by text[/li][/ul]

re: add torrent, those two options appear to apply to different options for folders. One pulls up the CWD (not folder specified in settings) when the other is disabled, the other pulls up the pop-up whereby you can use the dropdown list or "..." to change location (starts @ folder specified in settings).

re: sorting turning off... the only way currently to turn OFF the highlighting of the selected "primary" column is to hack the LV_* keys in the settings.dat.

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Multiple selecting: That's normal (standard) behavior for listviews with the LVS_EX_FULLROWSELECT style... Or am I still missing something? O.o

Sorting: That still doesn't answer my question; I'm not seeing why anyone would need to turn sorting off. Other users have previously requested that dynamic sorting be disabled because the move up/down buttons were apparently not working, or because they wanted to sort it by time of addition to the list, or because they wanted free control over the order. The first 2 are already possible by sorting by specific columns, and the last reason wouldn't work even if sorting were disabled :|

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Regarding multiple select, if that's standard behaviour to only register drag events in the first column, k. It just seeded "odd" to me, which is the point of this post :P

Regarding the highlight...uT has default sorting when no specific rules are set, which works in most cases. In the event you don't WANT the highlight to show up, which I guess you're saying is a marginal number of cases. I guess that then wouldn't justify the changing of the behaviour from two-state to three-state sorting. Understood :)

Did I hit any of the ui things you've mentioned on the head?

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Heh, the highlight disappears at startup anyhow :P That behavior sorta irks me, though, as it's inconsistent behavior when compared with Explorer (which is what we usually use as a meterstick for what's "normal" design). Explorer retains the highlight even after you close/open a folder.

As for whether you got the same things I had... not really. Only the LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE thing was identical. Everything else looks new to me, but the things I have on my list are more-or-less of the same type -- nitpicking ;D

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I still think it would be cool to unsort without having to hack at the settings.dat.

I'm glad you're helping Ryan out with this. :D Your knack for guides is .. vast.

Edit: An addendum to http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=301037#p301037 regarding magnet: support. It works as intended I guess... I think? It didn't first pull the trackers through, but when it downloaded the torrent they loaded. I thought this wasn't supposed to be part of the link?? I do however have... trouble with the Save As field under General. Though with Ctrl-P > UI Settings > "show a window that displays files" and Ctrl-P > Directories > "always show dialog" DISABLED it downloaded to the correct folder (default downloads), it does not EXHIBIT that path under the field :( This may cause confusion if users are not used to right click > Open Containing Folder.

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Just looking over some of your suggestions again...

The sorting indicator is not constant when you hide and then re-enable the primary sorting column

I can't seem to reproduce any problems with the sorting indicator. I selected a column, and the triangle shows up. I hide the column, then unhide it, and the triangle remains on the column, and in the same direction. Since you mentioned "primary sorting," I also tried it by sorting by one column, Shift+Click on another column, hid the primary sort column and unhid it, and the triangle showed up again in the same direction.

Can the metadata transfer be changed to either of the WebUI colours for easier identification?

What color, and where? In the Speed tab?

I do however have... trouble with the Save As field under General. Though with Ctrl-P > UI Settings > "show a window that displays files" and Ctrl-P > Directories > "always show dialog" DISABLED it downloaded to the correct folder (default downloads), it does not EXHIBIT that path under the field

Hm? Can you clarify? It seems to be working as I'd expect here...

By the way, the number of changes he's made that resolve stuff I had listed in my suggestions is now a solid 30. And he's fixed the highlight thing you mentioned too in the latest build. Ryan's awesome xD

I've decided to include some of the things you mentioned here into my list, like the "select the torrent job with LVM_ENSUREVISIBLE when a duplicate is 'added'" thing or the default download directory inconsistency thing. That last one actually made me notice some minor bugs/inconsistencies with the way µTorrent was calling SHBrowseForFolder in general too.

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1st point I have no triangle indicator when I hide and re-show the column until using 8188 :D

2nd point, sorry yes in the Speed Tab. If I'm wrong about seeing certain data already in those alternate colours.. I must have been tired. After looking at the request again, I see it's rather arbitrary.. if you change meta data transfer, why not also change RSS traffic. Having the Local peers colouring (up and down), and WebUI is already brought up the colour display up to 7 from 4. It really IS up to the team to decide whether or not to codify more data as being separate from the default green download and red upload.

3rd point, pictures follow (causes problem upon program restart):


Yup, Ryan is great!!

Additional change, in the Edit Feed dialog, the "z-order" (that's tab ordering of items right) seems to be hokey for the automatically download from feed options... one cannot simply press "Down Arrow" to go from "Do not Download" to "Download", however one CAN press "Up Arrow" cycle through the buttons and select "Download"... that seems odd to me.

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I still can't reproduce the Save As problem :| Step-by-step method, please?

Z-order actually means what control appears on top of the other, so no, it's not equivalent to tab order :P I got what you meant, though; the radio buttons should be connected with regards to up/down on the keyboard, and you're absolutely correct about that.

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It's not save-as.. it's the metadata (magnet: URL) download doesn't register in the right folder (for the same reason relative pathing wasn't registering before I'd imagine).

Steps I did (not sure about intervening steps as I explained the download happened while I was afk) 1)Get Azureus (uT compatible) magnet URI. 2) Ctrl-U to load into uT. 3) Start the task. 4) Wait for peers to connect and sit there until "complete metadata transfer" message appears in logger tab 5) Begin downloading the torrent file's data.

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Re-organizing. Please excuse the mess.

Hola Ryan! ;) After some... fun with 1.8 BETA (cheer cheer cheer), I have come across some leaks which lead to the slow and inevitable bloat of high USER and GDI objects.

[ul][li]When the uT window is minimized then restored, or maximized and restored, or maximized USER allocation increases by 1 and GDI increases by 2. (New since 8855)[/li][li]Thanks to detective work and alus ANY resizing of the main dialog does this as well...applicable below re: toolbar rebar[/li]

[li]When you load up non-modal dialogs and CANCEL USER increases by 1 (including Speed Guide, About, Preferences, and torrent properties). The RSS dialog is immune to this(Exists in 8855)[/li][/ul]Possibly related to "please look" controls...

For the Ratio and Seeds/Peers column(s) can the following characters be used for "infinity":[ul][li]0xEC for Terminal *and other non-unicode capable fonts*[/li][li]U+221E for Tahoma, San Serif, and other unicode fonts?[/li][/ul]

When saying "NO" to the don't update to betas dialog, and unticking "always ask" the option is not disabled under Ctrl-P -> General

WHAT'S NEW IN VERSION 1.8 Build 7834 Alpha:

* Change: do not display "Remaining" bytes if 0

should the same apply to the Downloaded, Uploaded, and Completed columns?

I'm not sure how to verify this but after

--- 2007-12-12: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7022)

- Change: webui now looks for webui.zip on each request

each "check for updates" means that @ 2a or whatever localtime uT re-downloads the webui.zip if the WebUI preferences are enabled but the zip is not in the correct location. I mention this because I DIDN'T do anything via WebUI, and I didn't see any access messages for webui in my logger :(

[02:06:19] WebUI file not found in settings directory, attempting to download

This may be because I misclicked on two uT tray icons sequentially, but the pop-up does not go away after Windows recognizes a mouse-click. Does the user need to CLICK an option in the context menu to make it dismiss? (It seems to be related to tooltip updates happening simultaneously??)

There is currently no way to get at the "Source URL" for a torrent, say if one wanted to go to the site... is it possible to put this in the General tab? Or heck in the context menu would be good too. But as opening the URL a la the "error downloading torrent from RSS" dialog automatically launches the browser, could the chosen implementation only copy the data?

I'm not sure as I haven't verified this myself but it appears something changed regarding UNC paths for 1.8 http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=313504#p313504 Perhaps it needs to be known which format pathing will trigger the local-dir logic? (i.e. .\ , ./\ , \ , :\ , etc) I still have trouble getting previous settings to keep everything under one root directory. (Save as keeps absolute pathing in the torrent key, instead of using the relative string in Preferences)

To ease people with updating, i.e. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=313517#p313517 could there be some sort of List such as "Change: Default values for XXX now ON , etc."

Can the functionality be checked comparing http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=313603#p313603 to Scheduler "Seed Only" mode?? My understanding of the processes is that setting the Scheduler to Seed-Only accomplishes what Stephen2 suggests happened when he changed file priorities, whereas the reverse was true when I tried :/

Could "Disable Feed" be reverted to "Toggle Feed" (b.8680 change) as it does indeed toggle the state? OR could it display "TOGGLE" only for All Feeds ... or perhaps add a context menu item below Toggle Feed which indeed enforces "disable" logic?

Currently when disabled RSS feeds use the default inactive icon instead of the (presumed) rss-inactive icon.

Or is this to avoid confusion with the 3-state RSS icon? What is the timeout/refresh needed on a feed for the icon to change from ON to UPDATING to OFF? Can the update cycle be changed to always flash the full cycle if the response is not immediate?

Is there a way to re-implement the rss_status icons in the main torrent pane? That is to say the functionality changing the icon when in any RSS mode, the icons can be either downloading, completed, stopped, rss, rss new, rss previously downloaded... Or if possible/preferrable bundle it into tstatus as additional icon slots (since rss_status was previously 13^2)?

Please move control 1071 & parent below control 1069 in DIALOG #31:

Please look @ control 1168 in DIALOG #41.

Please reverse controls 68 and 69 in DIALOG #46:

Please look @ control 1176 in DIALOG #232.

Please lower control 1047 in DIALOG #234:

THANK YOU for fixing the Edit RSS Feed dialog!

After moving the widget off the Speed Guide for encryption, the default seems to be DISABLED. Is this intentional?

Can H.264 be added as a filter quality in RSS (as AVC and 264 pattern matching perhaps)?\

Does it make sense for selecting of an RSS item to populate the Save As field on the General tab..possibly as indicating it's a proposed name as the final name isn't known until the torrent is downloaded.

After seeing - Feature: The top toolbar in the main window is now a rebar and will collapse the left portion as the window size decreases I decided to try it out. When the category pane gets smaller than the width of the icons (apparently) the vertical scrollbar disappears. Yet even though one cannot scroll horizontally the horizontal scrollbar still exists. This also seems to break the toolbar as it does not reappear after maximizing the window or re-sizing the window to a previous width.No longer occurs in 9137

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  • 1 month later...

NOTE: If you're going to update your posts, then make sure you organize by date of changes. Or something. It's near-impossible to keep track of modifications to your post otherwise. And uh, don't update the first post and last post simultaneously -- update one, or the other. It's a bit troublesome to look through both posts for changes each time. And IMHO, overuse of the [noparse][/noparse] tags makes the posts increasingly unreadable. Either date or note the struck items as old, or just remove to unclutter the post :/ Yes, I had a difficult time looking through this thread (imagine Ryan's horror if he did too).

I've gone through the thread again, and picked out a few random things I agree with to add to my list. I haven't seen Ryan on in a while now, so things haven't really been progressing too much on the UI front. At any rate... a few questions/comments:

when opening the dialog there is a visual "move" of the dialog from 0,0 to the position stored in settings, is this desirable?

Nope, it certainly wouldn't be desirable, but I don't notice this at all -- it simply shows up on the screen in the correct location. Maybe it's moving too fast here for me to notice? :|

can the following characters be used for "infinity"

Font Unicode detection isn't easy (if possible without hardcoding some list). Otherwise, it would have been done already (IIRC, we already considered it).

Ehm? What for? Seed-only is seed-only. Skipping files is a different process that simply results in similar behavior. Clarify?

It hasn't ever been enabled by default, and from what I gather, it won't be either. For the majority of users, encryption isn't actually necessary, and enabling encryption increases the overhead needed for the (unnecessary) encryption handshakes and such. The only reason it's currently advantageous to have encryption enabled when you don't really need it is to be able to connect to users who disable legacy incoming connections.

The devs have filed a possible todo in their bugtracker for an option to use encryption if a normal connection attempt fails (basically, a reverse of the current behavior -- attempt to use encryption, then fall back to normal connection attempt). This should minimize the need for users to have encryption always enabled just so they can connect to users that disable legacy incoming connections (thus, lowering unnecessary overhead). Users who are actually getting throttled by ISPs, of course, shouldn't use this mode (if/when it gets implemented).

H.264 is not a quality, so no.

Nope. The name proposal wouldn't apply until the .torrent file is actually downloaded anyway.

It would probably be easier if you actually specified which controls/dialogs you're referring to instead of using numbers.

- The Web Seeds field is already below the Trackers field. And what are you referring to when you say "parent"...?

- What about the "Save As" groupbox in the Add Torrent dialog?

- I don't see the logic behind swapping the label and the bar in the disk statistics. The Availability graph is exactly the same, and it still makes perfect sense to me.

- What about the "Filter Settings" groupbox in the RSS Favorites tab?

- What's the logic behind moving the "max number of connections per torrent" edit control down? And by how much?

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[ul][li]... 3/12 vs 3/21 I don't see a problem. Everything in the last post is relevant since 8912 went beta.[/li][li]If I KNEW what was where I wouldn't need to use numbers. That's why Ryan is the maintainer of the GUI :P If you really wanted to know, there's probably 3 dialogs I can't manifest at all... the remainder of the 49 I've more-or-less matched to their actual representational figures based upon widget placement or number of controls.[/li][li]Re: Save As fair enough.[/li][li]h.264 aka x264 or AVC are not available as Codecs. As I understand the Codec column it needs to be selectable under RSS. The current list is rather limiting:[/li][li]VC-1[/li][li]WMV-HD[/li][li]WMV[/li][li]Real[/li][li]Xvid[/li][li]DivX[/li][li]MPEG-4[/li][li]MPEG-2[/li][li]MPEG[/li][li]It must have been my mistake seeing enabled by default in Speed Guide on previous 1.8 and 1.7 builds then.[/li][li]Either there is a misunderstanding how the two "features" differ ... or I'm confused. Where I have seen "how do I seed on a torrent I'm downloading?" I hear two procedures which give the same "answer." Only one performs the way I have told people about before. That is to say setting all files to do-not-download finishes current pieces and then seeds what you've got whereas making the current time block "seed only" according to the scheduler immediately stops downloading, irregardless of incomplete pieces and possibly leaving one ... minus a couple % should there be a crash in the interim before seed-only mode is reversed.[/li][li]There used to be an infinity symbol. It was changed ... because of font choice?[/li][li]Yeah, for the 0,0 to be noticeable you need to be taxing your system. Remember I have 1/5th the computer you run as a production system. If nothing can be done about it, that's alright.[/li][li]I really hope the resource bloat can be fixed. I was happy to see the toolbar rebar behaviour changed for 9137

:/ I would appreciate some verification, even though I'm running a clean uT.[/li][li]It's a sign of amazing coding that aside from new features the remainder of "fixes" are cosmetic or minute in detail :D I look forward to what 1.9 brings.[/li]

[li]Edit: Regarding the 1.8 Manual: Very spiffy. There's so much information :D[/li][li]Caveat: Appendix A-> UI -> Main Window -> Torrent Jobs List Tracker displays the first tracker's base URL. This is technically incorrect. It displays the first WORKING tracker URL. If there are no functioning trackers in the tracker list the column will be blank. Successful communication flags the tracker as "functional", offline/timeout/http errors are therefore non-functional.[/li][li]Is it worth noting "Last Active" only functions on current-time delta when the torrent is active?[/li][li]Appendix A-> UI -> Main Window -> Detailed Info Pane -> Peers Depending upon the outcome of proposed changes/revisions to units and significant digits these are incorrect.[/li][li]MaxUp is the peak, unaveraged speed at which you were uploading to the peer. This value is displayed in bytes per second.[/li][li]MaxDown is the peak, unaveraged speed at which you were downloading from the peer. This value is displayed in bytes per second. [/li][li]"-> Context Menu Add Peer ... overlooks the ability to input [iPv6 peer IP]:PORT[/li][li]Copy Selected Hosts Copies IP and PORT columns. If resolve IPs is enabled the IP is only copied if there is no DNS for said client.[/li][li]Appendix A-> UI -> Main Window -> Detailed Info Pane -> Speed Forgetting some colours? Yes Yellow / Blue for WebUI traffic ;)[/li][li]I've never seen fuchsia ... Local peers have always appeared purple and dark blue. Is that due to some non-standard contrast I run my monitor on?[/li][li]Appendix A-> UI -> Main Window -> Detailed Info Pane -> Advanced rss.filters_use_default_dir has been removed[/li][li]Appendix B-> Settings Directory -> tstatus.bmp has 3 additional icons, default rss icon, rss (inactive?), rss updating. I'm unsure whether it's considered inactive (see previous report)... or is the RSS icon a three-state animation?[/li][li]Appendix B-> Keyboard Shortcuts Sexy table :D[/li][li]FAQ-> Features -> Does uT support magnet URIs... Should it say "Metadata regarding the torrent contents are obtained via DHT from other uTorrent v 1.8 peers"? since Azureus and uTorrent DHT swarms are separate. Or is there an anticipated feeling that other clients compatible with the uT DHT swarm will add magnet functionality?[/li][li]FAQ-> Incompatibilities AWESOMELY Sexy table :D[/li][/ul]

That's a buttload more information and you only increased the size by 37%

Edit: Sometimes I forget I'm running on sub-par hardware. On 800x600 this forum wraps 85% of the time so I have no difficulties with people's larger posts. I apologize for any wall-of-texting which may have occurred.

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As I understand the Codec column it needs to be selectable under RSS.

Selectable in what way...? Codec and Quality aren't the same thing :|

I hear two procedures which give the same "answer."

Correct. Skipping will not cause unfinished pieces to stop; seeding only will. What I was unclear about was what needed to be compared/checked.

There used to be an infinity symbol. It was changed ... because of font choice?

Yes. Because µTorrent no longer hardcodes the font, it can't assume the font has the infinity symbol.

for the 0,0 ... If nothing can be done about it, that's alright.

It's most definitely fixable -- I don't see why not. Simply create the dialog off-screen before moving, or create it in the correct location rather than moving it. Or something. The create torrent dialog is no more special than any of the other dialogs, and the other dialogs don't have this problem.

The GDI leaks, I haven't really checked, but FWIW, I have noticed an inordinately high number of GDI objects being used by µTorrent recently. Didn't have much time to "investigate" it, though.

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jewelisheaven: Although i've got no doubt your post contains a bunch of useful info (why else would you write it?), The way it is formatted in makes it extremely difficult to read. I keep finding myself lost between lines and skipping over sections at a time (and possibly missing the point you are trying to make) in order to get to the end of the post.

It would be nice if you had more well defined paragraphs. Hit enter twice instead of once for example. This in itself will go a long way to transforming your posts from a wall of sentences that is hard to follow when reading into something infinitely more useful: readable content.

Thanks in advance :)

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@jewelisheaven: Whitespace is key when it comes to readability.

I saw the things you wrote about GDI leaks -- as I said, I haven't really checked them, but I believe you, because I noticed high GDI counts recently as well.

Is it worth noting "Last Active" only functions on current-time delta when the torrent is active?

Probably not. I mean, when else will it be active except... when it's active? O.o

Edit: Seems like I didn't really understand the column's use before. I've edited the description accordingly.

"-> Context Menu Add Peer ... overlooks the ability to input [iPv6 peer IP]:PORT

Not really; it simply doesn't bother to clarify how to input IPv6 IPs because... well, it's somewhat of a standard. Sorta. I'll see about detailing it a bit.

Edit: Done.

Copy Selected Hosts Copies IP and PORT columns. If resolve IPs is enabled the IP is only copied if there is no DNS for said client.

Yeah, I know, but I'm still hoping for this to take effect. I sometimes do that, but since Ryan hasn't really been on lately (I saw him lurking on the forums earlier ;D), I haven't been able to discuss it with him to see what he thinks. I'm leaving it that way, for now.

Appendix A-> UI -> Main Window -> Detailed Info Pane -> Advanced rss.filters_use_default_dir has been removed

Could've sworn I removed it...

Edit: Done (again?).

Or is there an anticipated feeling that other clients compatible with the uT DHT swarm will add magnet functionality?

Yah, my anticipation anyhow. That, and I don't really like specifying versions in particular -- it means I'll have to go back and edit the information when a new version comes out, or that I'd have to say "1.8 and up" (ugly, and avoided when at all possible). The manual is always for the version specified on the main TOC, so that's the version I'll be implying the documentation to be relevant to.

Depending upon the outcome of proposed changes/revisions to units and significant digits these are incorrect

TBH, I haven't been paying close attention to the discussion on the decimal places and units and such. Not really to my interest :P I'll change it when the dust settles.

Edit: Done.

Colors... well, yeah, it's probably your monitor, because I'm pretty certain my monitor is calibrated well. Fuschia and cyan are the colors I see for sure -- not purple or dark blue. Skins... I'll update next time too, when I get my hands on the exact details.

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No, I only added yellow. Cyan seems to be shared between webui and local download traffic.

/me thinks this thread is probably off track from its original intent

If Ryan subscribes to this thread, he'll be getting notifications for stuff that isn't necessarily directed at him :P I think it happens already, since I occasionally see Ryan log on when I'm messing with this thread xD

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