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im new to this


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Hi , i just have one question.

my up load speed is 60.

my download seems good it changes depending on the amount of peers 150-340

sometimes higher.anyhow back to my question.

Is where a way to increase my up load speed speed(seeding)after i have finish my download?

P:S: this is a great program.


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yes there are many ways to configure your SEEDing speed.

Manually via the Global speed lock

or Automatically with a few options in the program settings, like the option to make SEEDing more important than Download

and the other option to Use More Slots if Speed is Less than 90%

the percentage can be changed to anything you like.

that's just to name a few.

as per the download, yes, it can only download as fast as the OTHER Seeding / Peering people sends you the data.

But by making your Upload (seeding) fast, it usually guarantees a Faster Download

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