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Help increasing Uploading speed.. Please..


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I can't seem to upload past a limit of 50Kb/sec. While Seeding a 25gig private tracker with 29 (peers) ranging from download speeds from 2Mb/sec to 300k/sec I've been unable to contribute with such low speeds. This is what I've tried.

* Forwared Port corretly

* Tcpicp.sys patch *100 and *50 halfopen (also set in utorrent)

* tried settings xxx/768K through xxx/10M

* Global connections 200 to 50

* Upload slots 8

* Dissabled DHT

* Encryption Enabled w/ legacy connections enabled

* Speed


Using the Utorrent Connection Guide I downloaded Openoffice at 900K/sec. I'm pretty new to this so any advice would be very helpfull. Thanks..


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If you're a Comcast cable user, then your upload is 384kb/s which means ca 48kB/s (minus the overhead). You should use the xx/384k settings.

The indication of speedtest is incorrect, most probably because of their (un)famous powerboost - in other words it works faster but for a very very short time (just enough for the speed measure at speedtest.net :) )

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Comcast has "speedboost", which buffers or allows (I don't know i'm no engineer) up to something like 10 MiB to be downloaded/uploaded at real cable speeds barring shaping or other interference. To check your upload in uT, have only ONE torrent running, turn off the extra features mentioned in the How-TO post #2, and increase your upload speed by 5% every 2-5 minutes until you no longer get a horizontal line on the Speed tab (5-30 second intervals help in this regard). At that point you can back off a bit, and presume THIS is your max upload while downloading. While only uploading on the other hand, it may be higher, which is the reason for the "alternate upload when not downloading" checkbox in the Preferences.

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On ComCast, you typically have either 6m/384k connection OR 8m/768k connection.

Both get Speed Boost which jacks the speeds as high as 20m/5m for a short burst. Thoroughly fouls up speed tests, as they think your line is ALWAYS that speed!

Hopefully, you have the 8m/768k connection...so you can use the xx/768k setting in uTorrent.

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