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Internet crashing


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well, it's been a while, when i have utorrent running, couple of my programs keep dying, like my vent disconnects, my xfire disconnects, sometime even my msn. The programs that have a week heartbeat or whatever...

My internet itself never "dies" it just.... disconnects my programs... i personally don't know why...

i didn't always have that problem, it's not recent tho, been like couple month...

couple things that i think it might be related too.

1. i have around 300torrent files in it

2. i have rigged the max peers/seeds and those stuff to very high stuff, i wanted then unlimted, it is bad?

3. couple other settings such as open.half thing

anyone has any idea how to fix it? i'd rather not reset my entire utorrent tempfiles, because adding back those 300torrents would be a pain

thanks in advance


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well, according to couple tutorials, they said to change it between 50-100, i put it to 50, same for my windows

Those guides are stupid then...? net.max_halfopen should NEVER be set equal to the TCPIP.sys limit. If you have the TCPIP.sys limit set to 50, then at MOST, you should have net.max_halfopen set to 40. Better yet, keep it at 8 (or maybe even 4), and you most likely won't have to deal with this problem again.

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I see o.O, well i set it to 25 for now

on the 300torrents, i have no queing, and i don't download much, those are all uploading. oh and another dumb thing i think i did, i set them all to super-seed D:, i dont think thats good, is it?

And again, for the settings in "BitTorrent" section, what would you recommand for those three?

thx alot guys, hopefully, i won't get disconnected anymore =]

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If your upload is set at 50 KiloBYTES/sec, then your upload slots should be set considerably lower than 15. That represents how many people you're uploading to AT ONCE on EACH active torrent. Since you have 6 active torrents, that means there's potentially 90 upload slots in use at once...each getting an average upload speed of 0.55 KiloBYTES/sec. Few (if any!) peers will upload back to you when you're uploading to them so slowly.

Try setting upload slots no higher than 4...with 3 possibly being a little better.

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