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The little yeLLow light of Death and the mandatory 1.7.6?


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Okay, I uninstalled Corel Photo, it is some program that came bundled with my Dell XP system. Lately it was nagging me to install itself, but when push came to shove, it said something like 'can't find disk 6, so not installing' very weird.

And the uninstalling seemed to have messed up ALL my settings:

- My desktop icons are all rearranged in some order I hadn't left them in

- My winamp font reverted back to default

- but worse, I think it messed with my UT settings and now I have this little yeLLow light of Death!!!

I'm getting conflicting messages:

* the µTorrent Port Checker tells me my port (55641) is not open

* but following the test from http://www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/#port_forward to download the Linux .iso from http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/, this gave me a DL speed of around 100 KB (not kb), which in it self is not a bad speed.

After installing 1.76 things went better, downloads in the 100s of KB/s, but still no green light? Is the uTorrent organisation deliberately slowing down versions older than 1.7.6? It looked like that to me, since it went so much smoother after upgrading. But I still have this yellow light!

I've been trying the stuff from www.bootstrike.com/Articles/BitTorrentGuide/, but so far , no succes.

How do i get rid of the yellow light and is that port checker thing working?

Since I download stuff at reasonable speeds?

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