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Limit option [Seed While]


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I offer add/change options in "Queuing":

Options: "Seed While" & "When uTorrent Reaches The Seeding Goal".

Change the "Seed While" to stop o limit the upload speed even when the torrent is still downloading. For now function only works when the torrent finish downloading. So option start running.

Or can put a new option to select:

-When the torrent is downloading.

-Only whe the torrent finish downloading.

Thanks for all and your awesome work. This option would be very useful for my current tracker, it limit 1000% of seeding for each torrents. (If you upgrade, they reduced 100GB your uploaded ratio)

:D ;D

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Not at all. The Queueing Seeding Goals are AND applicable. That means until BOTH are met, it will continue to download. IF the torrent has been seeding for an hour AND uploaded 2.0 ratio, it will wait for another 30 minutes before stopping. Alternatively, disabling the timer will only use ratio, WHEN FINISHED to see if the torrent should continue seeding. Unless there is some miscommunication here, it's not a bug.

If you want to seed until 10.000 ratio put in "1000" since it's as %.

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