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Buying new router?


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I don't think there is anything wrong with your router, you just need to either use good QoS (Quality of service) or limit your utorrent bandwidth and connections so that you can still browse. Also your router may be holding established connections for too long. Refer to the uTorrent FAQ if this is occuring. For more info on how to set up QoS I suggest you go to http://www.linksysinfo.org/. If you have a WRT54G, GL, or GS that can support custom firmware, I strongly suggest Tomato.

I use a Linksys WRT54GL with Tomato 1.13 firmware and it works great. Best router I've ever had.

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Hey i have a Linksys Wireless G ADSL Gateway


Ver 1.1

Is this fixable? I dont think its anything to do with net allocation as when i open any P2P software i have NO connection, nothing downloads, i cant use net xplorer, eyt it says its still connected, very frustrating.

The router is in the house on the router on my mums pc, do i install firmware there?

I run an ethernet (from the router) all the way down the garden to my studio flat at the bottom!

If sumone could guide me thru it ill be forever thankfull, i miss my torrents ive been using DC++ for the last 6 months.

When i first had this new PC with vista it worked fine thenone day it got worse and worse then no P2P for me!

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oh for you is EASY! just get a 3rd party firmware, and set it up

the firmware from linksys kinda sucks, once you upgrade to a better firmware for that router your connections problem will be over.

there are a lot of choices for 3rd party firmware, try the one you like best.

go to this forum http://www.linksysinfo.org/


then read, and download the one you think is best for you

or just ask people in the forum which one they like the most.

that's the problem when you got too many choices, LOL :D

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There are a bunch of others; they're just not as widely used. OpenWrt serves as a base for a bunch of other third-party firmwares, and then there's always that Sveasoft Alchemy that one needs to pay for (ugh).

In the end, I'd say Tomato is the easiest to use without dumbing things down that much. DD-WRT is very powerful, but it didn't run too well on my WRT54GL, so it got the boot.

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Ok my version is WAG54GS 1.1 NOT WRT, WAG.

Does that mean tomato wont work with it?

I also have no idea what GUI my mum uses for the router, ive searched linksys in her PC search but nothing comes up, so where do i upgrade from, i dont think tomato supports WAG only WRT anyway.

What do i do?

Please help this really sucks, remember WAG54GS 1.1!!!

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i decided to try the same thing and read the results :D


mine is version 1.0 lucky i got the 8Mb version (which expands to a 32 Mb RAM? that always got me confused)

from the list of support devices seems like only seems like only "WAG54GP2 (ONLY VERSION 2)" :( i guess you are out of luck?

are you sure is WAG54GS and not WRT54GS ?

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IINM, that router has no third-party firmwares, so there's no point checking what firmware it's using, because it's more-or-less guaranteed to be a Linksys firmware.

Assuming you tried everything else suggested in the first link in my signature regarding interrupted connections, and you determined that the problem was indeed the router, then yes, switching to WRT54GL should help.

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