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uTorrent crashes when deselecting name column


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uTorrent istantly crashes if you try to deselect the name column in the file tab.

Then a box appears that says something about uTorrent has crashed but its too short to see so i can´t read the whole thing. It has nothing to do with the translation, it crashes even without a language file.


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Crash only occurs when you have a torrent selected and the Name column isn't activated. But crash doesnt occur when you remove all the other columns first and then remove the Name column last.

But after removing all the other columns and then removing the Name column last, if i try to restore ANY column then Utorrent will crash.

Bug started in Build 356, it doesnt occur in 1.2.2.

BTW Velkarr that box that is appearing for a second before UTorrent crashes and disappears is supposed to give you the option to send the crash dump file to the developers.

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