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In need of some advice regarding Static IP's


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Hey all.

Been using bittorrent for a while now but noticed that I'm not getting the most out of it. According to the little icon down the bottom I am getting the 'No incoming connections' and the yellow caution symbol. At times it can switch to the red symbol. Haven't ever had the green symbol since running it.

So I came here for the help and first read the setup guide to make sure everything was in fact setup. There I read about that setting up a static IP to be able to do port forwarding could help.

But before I do.. heh better term is probably 'attempt that' since it will be me first time I just want to ask a probably newbish question before I start messing with things. Just to be on the safe side. I tried putting some keywords that I thought might find it in the search function but didn't get any definite answers.. so I apolgise if this has been answered before and I've missed it.

My connection has multiple computers connected to it - both wireless and connected by cable to the router. By switching one computer to have a static IP - will this in any way affect the internet connection to the rest of the computers on the network? Or do they have to set them to have a static IP. I'm only running utorrent on the one computer, the one I intend to change. Just don't want to make changes to one computer that might have ripple effects on the rest of the network.

And I have a second question.. when I'm running utorrent, or any sort of torrent downloader I suffer from a lack of speed when surfing the net in general or if viewing television is been streamed via the net. I've tried lowering my download/upload speed to see if that would leave enough bandwidth to allow for me to download stuff without annoying other users on the net from suffering because of it. Is this a common thing? Or is there something specific I'm missing. To be honest I wouldn't be surprised if this is common.. but I figure 'hey, i'm here and might as well get advice from people who are in the know and be 100% sure as opposed to be guessing what it is.' I'm getting a 882kb/s download speed, 102kb/s upload speed.

So any thoughts or clarifications would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance for looking this over and giving any solutions and thoughts


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Limiting your DHCP range so you CAN setup static IPs may cause the / require the computers in the previously valid range to repair the connection (reconnect to DHCP to get a new address).. but otherwise it will have no affect on the network. Neither will forwarding your PORT to your STATIC IP on the router. :D However, the actual bandwidth / connections filesharing and bittorrent in particular MAY affect the network. Therefore it's a good idea to make sure your connections conform to the Ctrl-G Speed Guide and test with an active torrent while trying to browse on another computer to see the impact it has :)

In the How-To post #3 there are a list of steps which SHOULD remove the lagtime/ errors while torrenting. Generally speaking this lag is caused by choking your upload creating a bottleneck whereby certain packets get dropped and must be retransmitted. This is .. relatively easy for data, and relatively easy to detect for video. (Ever had a dropout on digital TV? You see the typical MPEG "blocks" when it comes back until the next keyframe?? ;))

Those were easy questions. How about some harder ones :P

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in my place, i put static IP for everything, i don't let any one to use DHCP

it works good in both aspect, it's easy to know what is connected where

and helps my paranoia if someone manages to hack in via wireless then i can quickly scan for the intruder, most amateurs WiFi bandwidth thief wont know how to get the correct IP / Gateway / DNS settings, when DHPC is off.

also configured my Wireless to boot on connect, if they don't connect right the first time around, it wont even ask you to enter the password, which you should, but people trying to steal bandwidth will never figure that out.

anyways... just like to be secured :D i can't help but being paranoid :P

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