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aussie battler

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Hello i"m getting a message when I do a speed test. Its Says "warning your isp shows signs of uploading compression". I have been using utorrent for over 12 months and I am starting to fool around with the settings to try and get a better download speed. I read your guide, adjusted connection type (xx/256) and done port forwarding which did help to some degree (it went from download 15 kb/s and upload 2.5 kb/s to 30 kb/s and 20 kb/s) which I am happy with.

Any way my question is can I get around my isp compressing my upload speed?? Any tricks to help would be appreciated. I have dsl 1.5 Mb/s cable and thought that I would be getting alot better speed when dowloading and uploading. Speed test results averaged around 960 kb/s download and 200 upload.


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You already get 200 KiBps upload in uT?!? or is that the speedtest. Compression means for a certain size it buffers the data (I think it 10 MB or something). Basically you can run a test torrent from the How-To to check your download.. as you incrementally raise the upload (5% at a time is what I recommend)... until you no longer get a horizontal upload line AND / OR your download plummets. That is the point at which you want to lower your upload.

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Thanks for your reply jewelisheaven. Sorry about my lateness.

That was the speed test that i got 200 kb/s. Ok I have test torrents now and have some good results.

Slackware-10.2-iso Peaked at 35 kb/s and levelled to around 28 kb/s. Upload was around 20 kb/s.

OOo_2.3.1_win32intell_install Peaked at 150 kb/s and levelled at 130 kb/s but my upload was only .2 kb/s I did have only one peer who I was uploading to.

So it seems that everything is in working order? What was the message that I got about my isp compressing my uploads? Are these sort of results what you would expect from adsl 1500 kb/s? I am happy with these results but what is your opinion?

Thanks again for your help, it is much appreciated. Sorry if I seem a bit naive but am fairly new to this.

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Yes I did thanks mate when you said to "incrementally raise the upload (5% at a time is what I recommend)..." sorry but what exactly did you mean? Via the connection type in speed test guide options at the top of utorrent, or by right clicking on torrent and altering bandwidth? Or is everthing looking good and should I leave it as is? Would like to know how to do it out of curiosity though.

Thanks again jewelisheaven

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The Speed Guide is general configuration parameters. Under Preferences (Ctrl-P -> Connection) you can manually change the upload rates, an dunder Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent you can change Total Peers and Peers per Torrent as well as upload slots. It's recommended to keep settings so that you connect to 20% of your peers at one time, splitting your total bandwidth into at LEAST 3KiBps streams per peer. (40 KiBps upload = ~ 12 slots total meaning 3 torrents with 4 slots, 2 torrents with 6 slots, or 1 torrent with 12 slots)

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Ok, well that sorted things out for me. Here is what I have changed seetings to.

Under preferences - queueing

queue settings

max number active torrents (upload and download) 4

max number active torrents 4

limit upload rate to 40 kb/s

Then under bitTorrent

number of connections

global number of connections 130

maximun number of connected peers per torrent 70

number of upload slots per torrent 3

use additional upload slots if upload speed <90% box is checked

What do you think of these settings? Am I on the right path? Can I change max number of torrents or would that throw my settings out? Lower download/upload speeds further?

Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated.

Cheers mate keep up the good work :)

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