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Plz help me, is it from utorrent???


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How are you every one?

Sorry if this topic is not in right section..

I realy don't know if the problem from utorrent or from my computer, but i am kind of very sure that the problem is from utorrent program.

My problem is..

When i turn on the utorrent program, i can't web any site in Internet Explorer, and it's keep show me that ( Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage ). Also i can't open the messenger, it's look like i am not connecting to the Internet, i can't open anything, only the utorrent program is working!!

But the time that i shut the utorrent off, every thing work and back normally again.

Previously both was work together, but now i don't know what is happen!!

Plz help me, what i should do to solve this problem???

And by the way, i use windows Vista.

sorry for my bad English, i hope that you understand my problem.

Thank you..

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it sounds like a typical configuration and Optimization issue.

The problem has to do with your Router / Modem.

Run uTorrent and configure it to use the LEAST connections possible, use the speed guide, and set it to the slowest speed.

then we'll help you figure out the correct settings for the Router

once you can confirm IE / MSN works when utorrent is running with the slowest configuration of speed guide.

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I did it as you say, i changed the speed to the least (xx/64k) from the speed guide. but nothing is change, i still have the problem, the web site & MSN is not opening when the utorrent is running!!

I think i don't have any problem with router, because utorrent work fine when i make download. the problem is only when the utorrent is running even if i am not download anything like know!!

Right now, i only have some movies that i download it yesterday, i leave it to increase my sheer rite in my account in Supertorrent web site.

This problem is started from yesterday at night, before that from the morning until afternoon, every thing was work normally.

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Going through the Setup Guide (Guides page below link #3), then the How-To, and finally my post will give you ideas. My first recommendation would be to RESET Ctrl-P -> Advanced net.max_halfopen and bt.connect_speed (* means non-default, press RESET button). Also yes any additional information including pictures of your current Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) would help.

Edit: ADDITIONALLY if your SAME settings work during some times but DON'T during others, it is most certainly your ISP mucking with your connection. Once you have a DEFINITE timeframe for the mucking, you can call up their support and ask what kind of network management or shaping profiles they enforce from XXX time to YYY time. If they don't know what you're talking about, ask for escalation. If they hang up on you, call again and report the previous person to the next technician (you did ask for their name right?). If the ISP doesn't help at all this way, I'd recommend getting a new ISP or at least threatening to. Generally speaking if you get high enough escalation at support and then call billing/sales you may be able to get a good deal for a few months. If they don't even TRY to get you to stay :/

Wait, you better check out ISP alternatives in your area before threatening to leave them, heh.

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hmm.. I checked these web site, it seems that every thing ok.

I am ganna put some picture of my problem..


when I chose diagnose connection problem, it's telling me that the problem is from Windows firwall, and I have to turn it off, but I am already turn it off!!


this picture show that the firewall is off


As you see, all that happen ONLY when the utorrent is running!!!!

this is a picture of google in the seem time when I Exit the utorrent from running!


this pic is upload from arabic web site, i hope that show up..

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yes, like as I was saying yesterday, I am not downloading any torrents, i have only some old torrent but it's completed.

also i did as HOW-TO telling me nothing change :(

the utorrent work fine, in both ways if i am downloding or not, but the problem is, when the utorrent is running or open the MSN & IE is not working!!


I realy don't know waht to do, I don't know what is hapen.

previusly every thing work fine, with out any changing in seting of the program!!

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