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Error: parameter is incorrect


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Hi all!

I have been trying utorrent from a few days, and it´s been acting a bit stange.

I downloaded a torrent, and it connects fine but after 10 minutes it displys "Error: parameter is incorrect" or "Error: invalid data". I´ve tried download the same torrent using bitcomet 0.60 and it downloads fine no errors. I´ve tried with a number of torrents with the same results. The torrent is 8.6Gb with multiple files, i only download 2.6Gb at a time.

Another issue I´ve encontered is the number of connections. I´ll try and explain the best I can:

The above torrent takes about 2/3 minutes to connect to 14 seeds and 55 peers on bitcomet 0.60, and it starts downloading right away 50/60Kb average. While on utorrent it takes as much as those 10 minutes to connect to 4 seeds and 12 peers, after that it displays the error.

The settings are all default for both programs except:

maximum upload rate= 25Kb

maximum number of connections= 256

maximum number of connected peers per torrent= 102

maximum number of active torrents=3

maximum number of active downloads=2

I´m on a Win98 pentium 133Mhz 80Mb ram, connection: 1024Kb/256Kb

I´m using utorrnt 1.3, but experienced the same problems with 1.2.2

Hope you can help, I really like utorrent but if I can´t download anything i just have to stick with bitcomet for the time being.

Sorry for my bad english, if you need anymore info just let me know

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sorry to bother again, but the problem remains. I´m still getting the "parameter is incorrect" error again. I added the registry tweak, MaxConnections=256, as sugested by Firon.

The download of the torrent begins and after 10 minutes, it displays the "parameter is incorrect" and stops downloading.

if you need the torrent or a screenshot just let me know.


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I'm on a p2 450mhz , 128 Ram and I've applied this fix aswell (since I had the same problem) and it solved my problem pretty nicely.

However, I'm on windows 98 second edition, perhaps there's a difference between the win 98 standard version and the second edition that's responsible for this error?

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Well, apparently "Parameter is incorrect" is a very generic error and can be caused by faulty hardware, bad jumper settings, and crappy drivers. 9x/ME also sometimes show "parameter is incorrect" instead of "access denied"...

Try lowering your number of connections/torrent to 60 and global to 200. :/

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