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Yay! over 100+ connections and still kicking :)


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Just a drop a good news for any Linksys BEFSR41 V3 owners doing Torrents.

Find and get hold of Firmware Version: 1.06.01

it solves the problem that 1.05 had in the past, that locks up or slows down connections to a claw if you had more than 100+ active connections

it comes with a few new feature and options 1.06 vs 1.05

but the best of it all is that now with 1.06 it can handle more than 100+ connections

and FireFox can still access Secured HTTPS pages without problem, and also no slow downs meanwhile web surfing with all those open connections.

using 1.05 i couldn't do that, and had to limit uTorrent to use less than 100 connections.

anyways i'm happy camper now, finally can use 50% of my bandwidth , and still have room for games and web surfing.

Downloads at 5~6 Mbits, Seeding at 2.5~3 Mbits and with more Live Active Torrents for both Upload and Download, so now i don't need to wait for 1 torrent to finish before i can start another one.

Before i could only download like 5 at a time, and seed 3

now i can download 10 at a time, and still seed 5 more

10 connections per torrent

that's 150 live connections, from 80~90 before 1.06

yay!!!!!! :D

it feels good to give a new life to an old router.

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Linksys routers are pretty good, but they are even better with alternate firmware. I've got DD-WRT on my WRT54GS v2, and this is what it can do:


Active connections is toward the mid-bottom, under the network section. Currently at 929. Today's been rather slow though, that number is usually around 2k-3k.

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