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Vodafone USB Dongle Internet


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HI, ive been using u torrent for a while but with a router, i now use one of these mobile dongle usbs connected to Vodafone. I keep getting the yellow icon and cant get rid.

I know how to port forward(i hope!!) but with this device i have no access to a router so therefore cant set up a virtual server.

Can anyone help?



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uugghhhhh... sounds like you are using the WIRELESS internet from Vodafone?

most Wireless internet service from most Cell phone companies are usually ports blocked

see if you can figure out any open port that has not been throttled, and see if that works.

Alternatively if you are using XP or Vista, try using the Alpha version 1.8 of Utorrent, which comes with IP6 support, and hopefully that can help you out.

might want to try port forwarding the voice over ip port that vodafone uses, and see if you get lucky with that

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