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UTorrent is online but all other pc's cant get online. What can I do!


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Everytime i run Utorrent on either the desktop or laptop, then within a few minutes my utorrent is still running strong but I cant access the web on either pc. I have tried to use ptconfig (port forwarding program) and I have done speed tests on both pc's and set then just under what it was hitting. I have tried setting the speed even lower and still the same thing. The only way I can get back online is to try and repairing the router (which does not work half the time) or I have to unplug the netgear router for a minute and pug it back in. then I can get back online. but if I still have utorrent running, then withing a few minutes I get kicked back off while utorrent is still downloading files. I need help. I don't want to unplug my router evertime I need online. this is very annoing. HELP PLEASE! Email me if you think this will help get faster results. djmatrix@woh.rr.com

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