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The triangel is yellow! What to do?


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It says that i dont have a incoming connection and when i try to check the port with the speed guide it says error! I dont know much about these things. How do i get a port that works? I have bin up to 600-800kb/s but its mostly around 20-100kb/s and i gues its becouse the non incoming connection.

This is what a speed test says:

8482 kbps 10 MbpsSpeed test completed successfully.

7975.26 KB downloaded in 7.52 seconds.

This gives a download speed of

8482 kbps or 1060.23 KB/s

I dont have a router that i know of. Run by Lan.

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BitTorrent is ambivalent about download speed. What matters is upload speed. You can learn about this and more by going to Guides (page below) and click link #2, the bittorrent primer. Have you gone through the Setup Guide (link #3)? And have you checked out the How-To? If you have specific questions about steps you weren't able to complete please list them below. :)

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