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urgent request...help needed


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I just downloaded a music software..

size is 2.38 gb

it contains 6 rar files...each one a cd.

whats the problem now is.. if i extract each rar files it gives me a error file corrupt...

I have tried giving force recheck several times but occassionally it also shows missing parts on each rar files. sometimes the cd1 is 100% sometimes its 99.8%.

Please help me out to resolve this problem...

I am in dire straits...need this software....urgent..

help me out.......

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Actually if it is already downloaded, it sounds like you have a hardware / RAM problem. Are you saving it to an external drive? Where in the files does it show red blocks under the Files tab after a force recheck? Does this happen when you try the OpenOffice torrent (It's small ~ 100s MB by comparison, but if you're on a quota)... you should make sure nothing else is mucking with the files. It is possible the files themselves are corrupted at the source, in the event you remember where you got the torrent, check the comments there. It may say (bad files for XXX, check HERE for good content)... otherwise there's the hardware issue I mentioned above.

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