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first go at trackerless torrent - slow upload speed!


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i wanted to make a torrent to share one folder with one person, but the speeds we're getting are far below what either of our connections are capable of. around 20 kb/s, sometimes down to 5 for long periods, when i have 10mbit up/down. here's what i've done:

- i've set the bt.enable_tracker to 'true'

- i've enabled dht network, dht for new torrents, and peer exchange, and so has she.

- i've setup my router to forward the correct port, and utorrent tests the port as being open and working fine

- i made the torrent 'private' when creating it, and put http://myip:port/announce as tracker, autodetect on piece size

- i've set bandwidth allocation to 'high', and she has prioritized all the files in the folder as 'high'.

- i've tried both 'initial seeding' and regular seeding. the former was worse in terms of speed.

my bottom status bar has a yellow triangle which says 'no incoming connections', but could that be because i'm not uploading or downloading any other torrent than my own? as i said, the port is set up to forward properly, and upnp on my router is enabled (tcp) with what i assume is the proper port. it's likely i've forgotten something, since it's my first attempt at making my own torrent.

oh, and the logging for the torrent says "Error opening windows firewall: 0x80040154" (yet i don't have a firewall, i'm on xp pro), and "Unable to map uPnP Port" (i don't how to remedy that).

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hey, thanks for the reply. yeah, i've been at her house and downloaded steadily at 120-130 kb/s. as for my connection, i've used torrents for years and i know i can download and upload steadily at over 1 mb/s, so the problem is only with this one, self-tracked torrent.

i'm puzzled about that warning triangle. i have to say it's never posed a problem for me in either downloading or seeding torrents from public trackers, but now i'm wondering if it could affect seeding when i'm the only seeder. she has the ticked green circle, so everything should be fine at that end. i set it up there too, so whatever i've overlooked on my own computer, i might have overlooked on hers.

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Well that's the interesting part, that you were having troubles... BUT she was able to connect means one of you is setup for incoming connections. It doesn't really matter who it is... are there any other factors affecting the download... other bandwidth / torrents at the same time? bandwidth limiters? packet filtering? QoS?

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