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strange phenominom


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i have a normal cable modem and i subscribe to comcast internet service. i have windows xp on a single core intel processor at 2.8ghz.

on january 25, 2008 at 9:30 i changed my

global number of connections from 1000 to 100000

maximum number of connected peers per torrent from 126 to 12600

number of upload slots per torrent from 50 to 5000

and i turned off automaticly start downloads

then i sat and watched the download speeds for 7 minuits to see if there would be any changes

untill 9:37 the speeds held at their normal rate, 100kb/s

suddenly at 9:37, my download speed climbed to about 350kb/s over a period of 15 seconds, then went back down to 100 in about 5 seconds. immedietly it bounced off of the 100kb/s line and climbed to 577kb/s over a period of 10 seconds, then fell back down to 100kb/s over a period of 20 seconds. the speed seemed to increace on all 11 of my current downloads simultaniously and proportionally.

my question for you is obviously:


has anyone ever observed a similar occurence and if so please post your version of utorrent or whatever torent program u used, and what kind of internet connection u have. to be honest i dont think it had anything to do with the changes i made. the highest ive ever seen my download speed climb to is when i download the new naruto episodes at top seedage. it usually stays constant at 750kb/s during those download sessions

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"ComCrap" internet. Whether or not you think those connection changes had any effect, the sheer volume of connections you are allowing creates more overhead in peer connections per second and connected peers overhead essentially bottlenecks your line ESPECIALLY on such a low upload bandwidth.

The reason your downloads spike is due to burst useage / peer connections which happen every once-in-a-while even with the ISPs countermeasures to cripple filesharing traffic. Generally speaking if you don't break 1 Mbit down on a regular basis the peers you connect to are shaped on their uploads which can't be helped.

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The fact you CAN get download speeds up to your advertised ~ 8Mbit means they ALLOW that, however they employ methods to control your bandwidth usage for seeding especially if you've been paying attention to the news. If you've run through the How-To for ideas and are not getting any better average throughput I'm thinking perhaps you've got your limit set lower than you can support. What is the highest upload you can sustain? (Speed tab scale to 5 or 30 second intervals)

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