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Maximum increase per cycle


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I have a Linksys BEFSR41 router.

The ONLY way I can download torrents using my router without bogging it down to the point of:

a) crashing it

B) causing it to frequently drop all connections

c) making it constantly very slow (internet/websites/everything)

... where reinstalling the firmware is the only way to restore it, which only works sometimes, is to:

1) not use UPnP


2) use Azureus' Auto-speed features seen here:


I love utorrent because it is lightweight, fast, etc - but, I just downloaded Linux Mint using utorrent with my download/upload speeds both limited to much less than my internet connection speed and now my router's control panel is broken.

So the features in that screenshot would allow me to switch to utorrent.


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I've had global max connections set at 80 - compared with the default 600, if that isn't low enough, then maybe I should drop $100+ on that d-link gigabit "gaming router" that's getting a lot of hype.... I just don't want to spend that kind of money for a few torrents every year...

Anyways, thanks for your input

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