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Very low speeds, internet performance.


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My laptop has open ports, and generally gets abysmal speeds. I've tried everything, lowering connections, tried the whole gamut of speed ranges. The light is green, I've disabled DHT, and disabled/enabled various other things too, no dice. I've also patched tcpip.sys.

The funny thing is, that my desktop with all ports closed, gets faster speeds with DHT.

Example: my laptop gets 12kb/s down and 25kb/s up on a torrent without DHT.

My closed (red) desktop gets 45-70kb/s down and 600-700kb/s up with DHT.

Also, when utorrent is running, browsing and domain resolving slows to a crawl on my laptop, but there's no difference on the desktop.

I have no modems, a generic network hub, and an ISP level router which I can't generally access.

Service is advertised as cable and a potential max of 15 mbit, but international performance is very variable.

So why does a closed ports computer get faster speeds with DHT than a green open ports one?

Also, I rarely connect to more than 50 people, usually less, no matter what my settings are. And of those people, I, on average, download maybe from 5-15.

Any help would be appreciated.

Edit: Also, due to the abysmal internet speeds caused by running utorrent, another symptom is that trackers time out after a bit of running.

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That's a good question. You're not trying to run both computers downloading simultaneously are you? If you've only got one leased IP and you connect to a hub to connect to your ISPs POP (point of presence)... perhaps your full service is only turned on for the computer with the MAC address they have on record? Generally speaking the timeout on an otherwise working connection is due to tweaked (aka really high) tcpip.sys connections. If you're running the default Ctrl-P -> Advanced -> bt.connect_speed and net.max_halfopen (press RESET button if there's a *) does the problem go away? Btw are you sure about those numbers cable is notorious for BAD upload speeds, and in this case you're talking about a 10:1 ratio in FAVOUR of your upload?? Judging from your description of the peer behaviour I can also infer your ISP does packet mangling, which may include peer disconnect (so called RST packets comcast is being sued for in the USA)... Those are my first thoughts anyway. I would ask if you have tried the in-development 1.8 uT self-encapsulated which can be found in the Announcements forum? It doesn't take up any more space than your current uT, and includes workaround methods for traffic shaping on some ISPs.

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There should be no interference from the ISP that I know of. The values were already at defaults too, from what I could tell.

And yeah, the service advertises itself as cable, locally I can download at 10mb/s, so the upload isn't that outrageous.

Also, both computers simultaneously or not doesn't seem to matter, and all computers have been registered seperately, so that drops out too :(

I think, outside the internet timing out, the problem is that I average 0.1kb/s to 10kb/s from any individual connection that I actually download from, which means that my speeds overall are abysmal.

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