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Very Slow Download Speed lease help!!!!


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OpenOffice is just free "productivity" software...what it is...isn't why we want you to download it. The torrent is just an excellent test of connection download speeds, as it's seeded by some of the fastest internet connections on the planet probably. You have ANY problems downloading that, it's either SERIOUS networking hardware and/or software problems...or your ISP is crap.


We need more information about your internet connection.

uTorrent must be customized to match the connection OR SPEEDS WILL SUCK.

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I Just ordered a 128kbps connection from TATA in India and dont even reach 15kBps on all downloads

I've used tcpip patch but of no use

When I Used FlashGet i amazingly got abt 17kBps speed in a very less seeded torrent

so What Shud I do to increase speed in my torrent software i.e UT or BT

Oh And I HAve Windows Xp SP 3 v 3244, NIS 2007 , RealTek RTL8139D PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter


Yo're pretty brave to use ONLY Windows Firewall

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